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Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live Episodes 1-7 – Prism Stone Managers and Prism Live!

FYI: Since this started a while ago, I’ll be doing episodes in sets or singles depending how it goes.
Ya-ho~! Fuuko here with one of favourite shoujo series, Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. Here's the first set of episodes.

The story starts off with a girl named Rinne skating on a rainbow in the different world but suddenly her world shatters into pieces and she disappears into the abyss. In the normal world, seven rainbows (aka crossed rainbows) appear in the sky and the three girls who noticed it are the protagonists Ayase Naru, Cross (Suzuno Ito), and Fukuhara Ann.

In Episode 1, Naru applies for the Manager position in the store, Prism Stone, but she didn’t know that she has to do a Prism Show (kinda like Figure Skating but better) after the interview. Once it was her turn, she enters the Prism World for the first time and remembers she doesn’t have a Prism Stone (a heart-shaped gem with either has one type of clothing/shoes/accessories or a complete outfit inside). But thankfully, Lovelyn, a bird mascot that she met before the interview, transformed into a prism stone which contains the rare “Seventh Coord” outfit. Since the Anime just started, Naru dances to the Anime’s OP, Boy Meets Girl by Prizmmy. At first, Naru couldn’t remember the dance but then a mysterious voice told her to listen to the song carefully and dance freely and then her ability to see the colour of the song kicks in. 

She was able to see the dance and begins dancing. Lovelyn then transforms into a guitar and Naru does Prism Live! (This season’s unique feature like Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future’s Prism Acts). 

With everyone astonished at this Prism Live! (since it was their first time seeing this), Naru attempts to do a Prism Jump but Rinne shows up and does a 4 Prism Jump chain.

In the end, Naru got the position.

In Episode 2, Ann and her father get into a fight. She wants to be a Pâtissier (or Pastry Chef) but her father doesn’t want her to and wants her to just make senbei (rice crackers). Meanwhile, Naru must think of sweets to make for Prism Stone but can’t think which kinds so DJ Coo decides that she should check out the Sweets Buffet. At the Sweets Buffet, Naru can’t choose which sweets to try first but Ann shows up and tells her which to try in order based on how strong the sweetness is. They also chatted for a bit.

Back at the Fukuhara’s senbei store, Ann meets Poppun but was kicked out by Ann’s father with Ann following it to Prism Stone where she finds Naru trying to make sweets and decides to show her how to make them.

Chisato and DJ Coo show up and approves Naru and Ann’s cake. Naru suggests that Ann should work in Prism Stone but Chisato wants her to do a Prism Show before she starts. Here’s Ann’s Prism Show!

After that, Ann got the Sweet Management Position.

In Episode 3, Ito wants to get her father’s guitar but she doesn’t have the money for it yet. There, she met Kurun.

Meanwhile, Prism Stone still needs a Make-up Manager so Naru thought of Ito after seeing her with make-up on.

Like Ann, Ito must do a Prism Show before getting hired. Here’s Ito’s Prism Show!

After that, Ito got the Make-up Manager Position and a week later, Prism Stone finally opens to the public.

In Episode 4, Prism Stone is thinking of having an Easter event like what the store, Dear Crown, does but their version to get more customers to go to the store. On the day of the event, some customers showed up to see Prism Stone. Once it was packed, Ito decided to do a Rock Show.

After Ito’s Guitar solo, the atmosphere changed but Naru changed it once again with a Prism Show.

During Naru’s Prism Live!, Rinne joined in and they did Prism Live! together with Rinne doing a 4 Prism Jump chain.

With the Easter event a success, they all cheered with warm milk and took a picture to remember the moment.

In Episode 5, With Prism Stone getting more popular, Naru has to do a Prism Show with her “My Song”. But the thing is that, she doesn’t have one.

Naru first asks Ann and Ito if they have their “My Song”. Ann already has one and Ito is currently making one. Then Naru asks Ito if she can make one for her but rejects her. Naru then asks Kouji, dude who was singing on top of building that Naru always hears, to make her one but rejects her at first but Naru made a story that changed his decision and he began making one for her.

With Naru being able to get her “My Song” composed by Kouji, her ability of seeing the song and dance activates and she does her Prism Show. Her “My Song” is Hato iro toridori ~ mu.

 In Episode 6, the sweets that Ann made seem to be eaten by someone but they don’t know who. So Ann uses her Smart shot with Poppun in it and leaves it at the store. The next day, they check the video and saw Rinne first then a pink thing swiftly entering. They show it to Chisato but she was shocked and tried to delete it (knowing what it is).

Chisato tells them that they’re going to do a tour shop and the first stop is in Kakkyouin Academy’s school festival which is an all-boy’s school and there are plenty of girls in the festival making it a great first stop.

When Naru was finished, she noticed that Rinne was missing and decides to go find her. She then meets Hiro. Apparently, he’s an ass. She also meets Kouji but Kouji hates Hiro for some reason. Ito then shows up with Naru introducing her to Kouji.

Chisato says that they’re going to do a Prism Show and Ito volunteers to go. The Prism Stone Truck then becomes a Prism Stage and Ito does her Prism Show. Her “My Song” is BT37.5.

In Episode 7, Chisato says that their school approves them of working in Prism Stone and all is left is the approval of their parents which excites Naru but worries Ito and Ann at the same time debut Ann with her “My Song”.

The next day, Naru goes to the Fukuhara Senbei Store and invites Ann’s parents to come to the Prism Stone event which apparently shocked and pissed Ann’s father since he didn’t know she worked there. Then Naru went to the Rock house to invite Ito’s parents but learns that Ito’s parents aren’t together anymore and Ito’s father said that he might not come to the event.

Back at the Fukuhara Senbei Store, Ann and her father begin fighting on why she never told him that she works at Prism Stone which angered him and made Ann forced to get out. At the Rock House, Ito and her father talk about  why she never told him that she works at Prism Stone and she tells him there might be a a dream that she can make come true. Thanks to Naru’s invitation, Ann is staying with her. Ann then tells Naru a story about her dad cheering for her in her first Prism Show and drew the dress she wore at that time and Rinne adding cookies to the dress.

The next day, Naru’s parents and Ann’s mother showed up with Ito’s father giving them the message of “please take care of her”. Then they have a fashion show.

Ann then requests for the dress similar to the drawing from earlier and does her Prism Show. Her "My Song" is Sweet Time Cooking Magic.

Ann's father suddenly has a change of heart after watching her Prism Show and approves her on working in Prism Stone.

Now some little info of Prism Stone’s Middle School Managers. These Managers are Ayase Naru (Store), Suzuno Ito (Make-up), and Fukuhara Ann (Sweets). They are the only ones [plus Rinne] (currently) that can do Prism Live!

Naru can see the colours of music and her style is Lovely.

Ann can taste the flavour of music and her style is Pop.

Ito can feel the heat of music and her style is Cool.

Rinne is a mysterious girl who came from a different world. She has amnesia and when she does Prism Shows, her personality changes. She can also do a 4 Prism Jump chain as well as Prism Live!

Her style is Star.

Chisato own Prism Stone with DJ Coo as her assistant and they know something about Rinne. Chisato seem to be hiding something as well.

All of them debuted in Episode 1.

There are also many more people to talk about like their “rival team” and “their love interests (probably) or just friends” but I’ll do their info in the second set.

So far, I'm enjoying this season of the Pretty Rhythm series (though I just completed Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream a while ago after waiting for subbed episodes for 2 years and haven’t actually seen Pretty Rhythm: Dear my Future since most episodes aren’t fully subbed)

Anyways, I’ll continue with this in the second set.

- Fuuko


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