Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen Episode 7 - Ayumi or Chihiro?!

Hey guys, it's Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 7th episode of Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen which focuses on the two heroines Ayumi and Chihiro and it takes a very interesting turn.

The episode starts off with Keima laying on the floor. He was overcome with a fever and couldn't get up. That's when Nora's buddy, Ryo, appears and takes care of him for a little while (it was an order from Nora to keep an eye on him).

Keima continues his conquest though, and calls Ayumi using Elsie's phone. He makes sure she realizes he isn't feeling well and that he's home alone in order to trigger the sick event. He also makes sure Chihiro doesn't come over as having the two girls over would be a big problem.

Ayumi in fact, does come over and begins to take of Keima. He triggers all the right events and just as things were getting close, a surprise guest shows up. Ryo isn't the smartest guy so he actually just lets Chihiro inside the house LOL.

Keima shoves Ayumi under his blanket (beside him) and Chihro walks in. She was there to 'drop something off for Elsie' but sees Keima sick. Soooooo she begins to take care of him. It was pretty funny watching Ayumi struggle under the blanket, and even funnier when Chihiro turned on the heat xD

The best part was when Chihiro asked Keima to listen to her song now that she has made progressed with it. It was truly a beautiful piece and it never ceases to mesmerize me. Her voice is perfect and I'm really hoping we get this as an OST or something (I can picture it playing IF Ayumi is hosting the goddess and she 'wins').

In the end, Chihiro did something pretty shocking. As she was leaving, she confessed to Keima and Ayumi unfortunately heard this as well. Keima pretended to not hear it but it's clear as day.

Ayumi, being Chihiro's best friend, decides to root for her. She calls Chihiro and tells her this. It's pretty obvious she has feelings for Keima too, but she's taking the sacrifice here in order for her friend to be happy. I have a bad feeling about this...

So here's what I think:

Ayumi is the host of the goddess, and Chihiro's feelings are true feelings not influenced by any of the previous events. It's going to be very interesting watching how things will play out. Ayumi and Chihiro are best friends, and they love the same person. Ayumi chooses to root for Chihiro which will only hurt herself. It's going to full of drama but I honestly can't wait.

Until next episode!

P.S. Sweaty Ayumi = Best Ayumi <3



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