Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen Episode 8 - Who Has the Goddess?

Hello guys! Tadashi here and today I'll talk about the 8th episode of Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen where Haqua gets herself into trouble, we find out what's going on with Kanon/Apollo, and Keima continues his conquest with Chihiro/Ayumi.

The episode starts off with Haqua in the middle of a conference with other Loose Soul team members along with their Bureau Chief. During this time, Haqua was conflicted with what Nora said about someone infiltrating their ranks. She blurted this fact out so that everyone could hear it but it was addressed by the Chief and no action was taken. During the conference, you can see the one member of Vintage that stabbed Kanon. They've definitely infiltrated the team.

She decided that she was just over thinking things especially since it was just a rumor she had just heard from Nora so it wouldn't be too reliable. As she was about to leave Hell, she was apprehended by the police. Uh oh...

Back on Earth, Diana sneaks into Keima's house and tells him to gather all the Goddesses because she feels like something is going to happen soon. Keima has Elsie go and take each of them from their houses and bring the sleeping hosts to his house (Kidnapper much? LOL).

All the Goddesses come out and again, Diana is reminded that everyone has their wings except her. Then, the Goddesses begin to fight over Keima since all their hosts harbor heavy feelings for him. Watching them argue was pretty funny, especially Minerva in her quiet voice saying "Shoo shoo!".

Diana still upset that she doesn't have her wings LOL

They decided they needed to wake up Apollo from her water state and as they all tried to call her out, they were not able to get even a response. Keima on the otherhand was sucked into Apollo's world where they had a talk.

Kanon still best girl<3

She tells Keima that she can only pray for 3 more days before things start getting bad. That world is being overrun by bad energy and she's trying to prevent it. Once the 3 days are up, she won't have much power left to sustain herself. Even Kanon made her appearance (Oh how I missed you<3) saying that she believes in Keima.

Back in Hell, Haqua ended up inside a prison cell thanks to the officers. Nora pays her a visit and calls her out on her rookie mistake of blurting out that fact. She also brings out the idea that it takes someone high ranked to command these officers to arrest her. Nora toys with the idea that the Bureau Chief is an insider which makes Haqua question everything. Maybe Nora is in on this too (I highly doubt this though. I feel like she's doing her own investigation).  

Back to Keima's conquest, he now has 3 days to conquer Ayumi and/or Chihiro. Who's hosting the Goddess? He seems convinced that it's Chihiro that's hosting her so he chooses to pursue her. They end up going to the Festival Dance together (which was really cute by the way) but Keima realizes he needs to make things happen fast. He tries to bring her to an isolate place where he will be able to kiss her (uhh...anything sound a little fishy here LOL) but every place he thought he could take her was occupied by other couples. In the end, Chihiro realizes what he's trying to do and agrees that they should go to somewhere quiet.

Stawp it...
Don't be mad :(

We're also given a new ED with Kanon singing it<3 She's really doing a lot of the singing this season. It's a beautiful tune but I feel like it's there to make up for the lack of Kanon screentime :(

Post ED, it shows the situation involving Haqua. Luna from Vintage requested all the info they have regarding Haqua. Someone better save her...

I have a really strong feeling that the Goddess is inside Ayumi. The way things are going, it has to be! I think...She'll probably interrupt whatever happens next episode and the Goddess will make her appearance during the crucial moment.

Anyways, until next episode!



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