Sunday, August 04, 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 17 - Who Is This Lady Titan? What Do They Want?!

Yo guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 17th episode of Shingeki no Kyojin which brings us high quality animations along with a new female titan which proves to be trouble for everyone.

First off, we get to see Sasha on her horse. Does anyone else think she's gotten cuter? Maybe it's because of her scared/worried expression, but she's definitely a lot more kawaii now. Go potato girl! Btw, she almost died LOL.

After the fiasco with Sasha, the long awaited female titan makes her entrance. She is a little more abnormal than the abnormal titans and proves to be vastly intelligent compared to the others. From her appearance, she has blonde hair and eyes that are piercing along with a nice ass pointed out by the one dude (either Reiner or Jean I can't remember). Her outer body is much like Eren's (and the colossal and armored titan) so if you weren't convinced that it's a human inside, then this should help clear things up.

This titan shows tons of flashes of intelligence. One of the most important moments was when she covered her nape which is the weak spot of the titans. She knows that she will die if that is cut. Another one is when she takes Armin down but instead of killing him, she pulls his hood down and checks who it is before leaving. She didn't kill him. She was looking for someone.

Now, it's obvious she's looking for Eren since he is one of them. Also, Armin thought of this too and this kid is smart haha. But why? Why Eren?

We can't forget that Armin is smart. First off, hats off to Armin. We all knew he was smart, but he again showed his awesomeness. Jean went in and pulled his badass feat of the day right before he was about to die, Armin yelled out 'avenge my friend' blah blah. It was enough to make the titan stop in her tracks. Maybe she didn't realize that she had actually 'killed' and when Armin said that she froze. Guilty conscience? Was Armin again trying to test another theory? In the end though, she still went for the kill but didn't get it thanks to Reiner's skill. 

This question is super important!

The fact that Armin refers to them as 'they' means they are a group. Here's my theory:

The armored, colossal, and female titan are all humans who've been made man into titans. They could have been turned into this against their will and are not seeking out revenge against the higher-ups who allowed this. That's why they're attacking. These 3 (so far) only kill when they are targeted. They don't show up to kill. Maybe they're trying to recruit Eren or kill him. He might hinder their plans or something.

As for the titan's identity, I do believe I know who it is. Just judging from her hair color and eyes, and the fact that the person 'left' the main cast of friends was a little odd, I believe it to be Annie. I thought it was weird how she just left the battlefield. I always thought of her to be a little more important than some of the others. If this is her, then things would make sense. But then who is the colossal and armored titan? Hm..

The episode ended off with Reiner pulling a badass stunt. After Armin had gotten into her head, she decided to kill Reiner who was in her hands. She squashed him! or so we thought. Somehow, he had broken free and survived without even a scratch. How? Was he always this good?

Anyways, in the preview, it looks like she finds Eren. Uh oh...? Can't wait to see what develops from this situation. I have a feeling we're in for some crazy twists. As always, the insert song was epic and made epic even more epic haha.

'Till next episode!



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