Monday, August 19, 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 19 - Female Titan Caught...?

Hey guys, Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 19th episode of Shingeki no Kyojin which brings us a little more closure on the Recon Corps and the capturing of the Female Titan.

The episode continues off with the forest chase. Eren sees many soldiers die trying to help them escape and seeing this makes him want to take action but according to Levi's orders, they are to keep moving forward. He realizes he doesn't need to listen to them and that he could easily just transform into a titan. That's when Ral tells him to have faith in the squad and BAM flashback time.

During the flashback, we see various things. It looks like Eren tried to 'train' himself in order to control the titan but it turns out that his method isn't as reliable as he thought. He bit himself several times but nothing happened.

Afterwards, as he was feeling down, he bent over to pick up a spoon that he had dropped but as he picked it up, he suddenly transformed into a titan - well, at least part of a titan. It was just his right arm that transformed. This caught everyone offguard and they all took it as a threat. They jumped up and began threatening Eren and yelling at him. Eren has no clue what the fuck happened so he is at a loss for words while Levi is trying to calm everyone down.

Hanji comes running out of nowhere in pure excitement. It's safe to say she had a titan-orgasm seeing Eren like this and went literally crazy. CRAZY.

Eren reverts back to his normal self after removing his hand and the following night, everyone bit their own hand (like Eren does) in order to 'pay the price' of being wrong. They're all really good people at heart, and this act just shows us their bonds together and how serious they take these things. They want Eren to rely on them, as they rely on Eren.

After the flashback ends, Eren is back on the horse where Ral says again have faith in us which he decides to. As they keep moving forward, they pass by an ambush set up by Commander Erwin and Levi. They actually managed to capture the titan by shooting a bunch of harpoons (literally a bunch) and made it immobile for the time being.

You caught a wild Female Titan!

I actually liked the flashback this episode and we got to see how close these guys really are. We also learned Eren doesn't necessarily need to inflict damage upon himself to transform. He just needs a goal in order to transform.

Anyways, I'm holding my breath in anticipation as to what they're going to do next. Maybe one of the other humanoid titans will save her? I want to see more of Mikasa and everyone else. What are they doing?

Until next episode!



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