Monday, August 26, 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 20 - The Spy Among the Recon Corps

Hey guys, Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 20th episode of Shingeki no Kyojin which focuses on the capturing and unveiling of the Female Titan along with some new information.

With the Female Titan captured, all that's left to do is cut open the back of the neck and take out whoever is inside. Of course, it was no easy feat. As Levi and other men tried to attack it, they could do no damage. The Female Titan was even able to 'freeze' or 'harden' her hands to the point that when they struck it with their blades, the blades would break. This left them no choice but to load up explosives in order to take her down.

A little unfair, don't you think?

Levi also didn't seem to be afraid. He was taunting her and stomping on her head trying to possibly get inside her head. Just as things were getting intense, the Female Titan let out an insane roar. It wasn't an ordinary roar. The Female Titan's roar was loud enough to attract all the other titans in the area. Mikasa and the others heard this too and witnessed the titans run into the forest. As Mikasa was about to go in to check out what was happening, Sasha warned her not to as she had heard this type of roar before. It was a last resort I-don't-give-a-fuck-what-happens-next type of roar which also means they are 100x more dangerous.

Now this is a face you can trust

In order to protect her identity, she was willing to sacrifice her entire body. This secret is a lot bigger than they probably think since she drew all those titans to her in order for them to eat her body up and basically cut off the Recon Corps from doing anything else.


Commander Erwin tried to get everyone to protect the Female Titan before the other titans ate her up but their efforts were futile and only resulted in more casualties. They ended up retreating but Erwin told Levi to restock on his guy and weapons since he had something else in mind for them.

He knew that the Female Titan would use the smoke created from her dissipating body as a cover and disguise herself again as one of them and make her escape and told Levi to go after her.

It then cuts to Eren and the other guys flying through the trees using their maneuvering gear. Then, someone who they thought was Levi showed up beside them and of course, it wasn't Levi. In fact, it seemed like it was the disguised Female Titan. But how did she make it there already? She ended up killing one of the Elite Members, Gunther (R.I.P.).

Bye bye Gunther!

According to the info we have, this titan has infiltrated their ranks for awhile now and only a select few knew about this. Commander Erwin had asked Eren that question about who the real enemy is to everyone and those who answered were told of this 'true' plan to capture the titan.

I really wonder who this Female Titan is. It looks like we'll find out pretty soon. Also, Armin noticed something pretty dangerous about the titans - they have the ability to learn, some quicker than others.

Judging from the preview, it looks like Eren and the group encounter the Female Titan again (how can she transform again? Is there some kind of training they go through to increase their stamina? Eren needs to go through this lol). The Elite Killers vs. The Female Titan...this should be very interesting. I really hope Petra Ral survives though! She's gorgeous! (along with Christa and Sasha<333).

Anyways, until next episode!



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