Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai Episode 5 - Yui Is Conquered! Or, Yui Conquered?

Osu! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 5th episode of Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai where Keima successfully conquers (or gets conquered lol) Yui and reveals Mars, the God of War.

The episode starts off with Yui awaiting Keima as he steps outside his house. Unfortunately, Haqua was a victim of getting the door to her face before anything could happen. Keima uses this as an opportunity and somehow comes to the conclusion that he has to crossdress in order to find this Goddess. He believes that he is the one that has to be conquered due to Yui's personality.

Yes Shiori, you saw this right. Keima-kun has become Keima-chan

He goes through the usual process of playing her feelings (which really really really pisses me off since everything he does is part of his 'plan' even if he does have genuine feelings) and because Yui's love is steadily growing, the Goddess inside her awakens. She reveals that she is Mars, the God of War.

It's funny because she even mistook her for being a guy, and Keima for being a girl. As someone who was asleep for a long time, waking up to these 'reversed' roles shocked her xD

Anyways, as he continues to play these situations, he really gets far with Yui. Mars has even agreed to help her in her conquest for love as she says she has really taken a liking to her.

Yui ends up saving Keima from a bunch of guys hitting on him. Yes, guys hit on Keima as he was crossdressed. I guess he was just that cute...

Keima, she's too aggressive for you! But she's shoooo cute !

Keima and  Yui end up going to an amusement park for a date and she arrives in a full blown tuxedo. She seemed to be playing the butler here. They ended up going inside this haunted house type of place and there she changed into a 'hero' outfit while Keima changed into a princess outfit.

Keima and Haqua came up with a plan to stage an attack in order to bring out the Goddess inside. In the end, it worked out for everyone (except Haqua LOL) and the Mars was revealed.


Incoming kiss! Kiss-o! Kiss-o! Kiss-o! 

BANG BANG mission accomplished! 

After this, Keima told Yui/Mars everything (except about Kanon as he was afraid they would rush an attack in order to get back at them for hurting Kanon) and they easily accepted things. 

Shoooo kawaii~

On their way back from the night, Haqua and Keima encounter...a fish. Wtf? BAM Elsie comes in out of nowhere! Welcome back to the screen! xD You can just tell how good the relationship between Elsie and Keima is. Even Haqua notices how peaceful it is. 

In the end, we get a surprise from the teacher. She just happens to be on the roof...but why? What is she? Who is she? Just how much or how deeply involved is she? So many questions.

With the way things are going, it isn't completely necessary for the parts of the manga that were skipped to be read (so far anyways). It's just some character development we've missed out on from what I'm told. Everything does feel a bit rushed but what can you do? This supposedly takes up a lot of chapters and to put in one season must be hard.

Anyways, I'm Team Haqua right now but Shiori is right up there as well. Glad we get her next episode<3

Until then!



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