Thursday, August 01, 2013

Love Lab Episode 4 - Riko's In the Hot Seat Again...

Hi! Fuuko here with Episode 4 of Love Lab.

It starts off with Natsuo asking Sayori and Yuiko want to join with their Love Research which Yuiko agrees to help them and Suzune spots Yuiko’s handkerchief about and Natsuo notices that Yuiko is doing the “dropping your handkerchief and having the dude pick it up” technique with Yuiko being embarrassed.

After doing some Student Council work, Natsuo begins the love research with “Dropping oranges on a downhill road, letting go of the dog she’s walking with, and while he’s helping her, she accidentally drops her ice cream on him” or what she calls “the meeting special”.

Sayori then ask why Riko is the love master then Natsuo and Suzune put more weight on Riko’s shoulders making it harder for her to tell them that she isn’t a love expert.

They just keep piling it up huh, Riko...

When she tries to say it, Sayori said it’s a load of bullshit and Riko tries to defend herself saying it’s not but added more weight.

Missed your chance yet again...

Then they start talking about blind dates. They want to know Riko’s experiences (with Sayori having fun aka she knows Riko’s fake expertise but still enjoying it) and Natsuo went up to the coo coo level.

Now your just having fun now Sayori...Keep at it!

Over-fantasizing is a good thing...Probably...

The next day, Natsuo and Yuiko are getting along as the “long hair alliance”.

Then they got a request from a student on what type of gift should she give to her crush. Riko suggest s everyone should ask their family members and Yuiko puts up Natsuo’s father and we get the most hilarious video that made my day.

Best Song Ever! haha

The next day, they got some answers and figuring out what type of gift is the best and they finally got an answer but since she was anonymous, they don’t know how to tell their answer to her. Then Riko asks Natsuo when the school-wide broadcasts are usually made and she said during break time. Riko decides that they’ll go to the announcement room at break time which shocked the other SC members.

This episode seems to be Riko’s chance to tell them the truth but fails due to the fact that Natsuo and Suzune added more weight on her hands and Riko herself has her own pride making things harder for her to tell them the truth but at least Sayori knows that Riko’s also inexperience but enjoying the fun as well.

Well the next episode they’re going to say what gift seems to be the best choice to give to a boy. As a male, as long as the thought counts; I don’t care what type of gift it is.

- Fuuko


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