Friday, August 02, 2013

Recorder to Randoseru Mi Episodes 3-4 - A Lolicon, a Shota and a Student Teacher

FYI: With this being a short series and about 3 minutes long per episode, I’ll be doing this bi-weekly.

Ya-ho~! Fuuko here and I’ll be talking about Episodes 3-4 of RecoRan Mi.

In Episode 3, we meet two new characters, Yoshioka and Kobayashi.

Yoshioka is one of the best players in the school’s Basketball team but he’s a total Lolicon making him not worthy for the title. Kobayashi is part of the same Basketball team and the 2nd shortest in the school to Atsumi. Yoshioka tends to call Atsumi “His Legal Loli” which pisses her off and Kobayashi had to break it up by pushing Yoshioka away from her.

Atsushi however, is back with the Cops. Aono feels bad for Atsushi. Then Miura spoke her opinion.

In Episode 4, we meet another new character, Kawauchi, who’s a student teacher in Atsushi’s class.

Damn, she looks cute!

At first, Kawauchi thought Atsushi was a young teacher but lost expectations knowing that he’s an elementary student.

After her Kawauchi’s first day, Moriyama-sensei sees Kawauchi sitting outside. Thinking of comforting her, she heard something else.

With these two episodes, new characters are introduced and they seem to fit in. I hope we get more episodes with these new characters.

Till the next two episodes!

Yoshioka: Lolis!
- Fuuko


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