Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS Episode 8 - Drunk Tomoka? I'm In!

Hello minna! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 8th episode of lolibaskets which concludes are match between the 5th and 6th graders and unveils new jerseys and a new character!

The episode continues with the match Tomo's team has stepped their game up. They used a new strategy Subaru came up with and ended up defeating the 5th graders. Tomoka scored a buzzer beater floater to end the game.

Well isn't this just, angelic 

Afterwards, the 5th graders were really upset with their loss. The two twins yelled at Aoi (Aoi </3333) and ran away while the others were down as well. Aoi took this to heart and as they were making their way back inside, she ran into Manaka-senpai where she began crying because of the loss and how she couldn't help bring them victory.

Don't cry Aoi</333333333333

The 6th graders continued the tournament and beat Manaka-senpai's team no problem and this winning the championship. Airi even helped Aya learn to love basketball.

Loli champions

Following the win, Maho's dad hosted a party where he unveiled brand new jerseys for the girls and even brought out 'fake beer'. All of sudden, the girls changed into their mizugis for no reason and began spraying each other. It was actually really random and weird, but hey, that's lolibaskets for you.

...spraying you with fake beer in a swimsuit

Tomoka ended up getting drunk off the fake beer and told Subaru some pretty normal drunk person things. She ended up telling him to stay by her side forever and whatnot while ontop of him LOL. How is this guy not in jail yet... (-_-;)

How do you like that undeveloped chest, Subaru?!

At the end of the episode, the girl with the lolipop makes her debut as she makes fun of the twins for their attitude towards losing. Apparently, she's apart of Manaka-senpai's team and from the looks of it, she's probably really good. She also looks and reminds me exactly of Kotori from Date a Live with the lolipop and that attitude. Coincidence? Hm...

Anyways, that's it for this episode. Until next episode!



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