Thursday, September 05, 2013

High School DxD NEW Episode 9 - Gasper, the Trap!

Hey guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 9th episode of High School DxD NEW which introduces us to the hidden Bishop (and trap) and has an interesting twist at the end of the episode.

You have been warned!

The episode begins with Rias unlocking the seal that kept her Bishop tucked away. As soon as they open the door, the room is...different. It's filled with girl (and dark) things. How could the Bishop be like this? Well, once they opened up the little coffin he was in, out came Gasper Vladi, who is half vampire and half human.

He is super shy and can't do much on his own. He possesses the Sacred Gear called Evil Eye of the Inert World which allows him to stop time or stop anything really as long as it's in his sights for a short period of time allowing him to move or attack (which is what made his power so fearsome).

Rias leaves Gasper in everyone else's hands while she takes Akeno and Kiba to a special conference regarding the present matters. Xenovia and the others are set out to help train Gasper and let's just say things don't go too well. Xenovia really pushes him hard and even Koneko-chan has a little fun. I'll admit though, it was funny to watch haha.

Koneko-chan you bully...
Bullying with that innocent face >_>

In the midst of their 'training' Azazel makes his appearance. He says he's simply going out for a stroll but it puts everyone into an alert mode. He ends up disclosing some information about Saji's Sacred Gear. Since it does hold the power of one of the five Dragon Kings, Vritra, it's also dubbed the Prison Dragon or "Dragon King of Evil". It has the ability to absorb and negate power of whatever it touches. They end up using this to help train Gasper but in the end, they didn't get much progress.

More Koneko-chan bullying LOL

We get the backstory on Gasper and it turns out that his dad was a Noble vampire while his mom was a human. Noble vampires take pure blood seriously so he was always shunned by his family. Even at his school, people knew about him and isolated him while also bullying him. That's how he turned out that way he is today - very shy and scared of people.

Issei says it's up to him to take care of his kohai and with that, he begins to gain Gasper's trust. He tells him about his Sacred Gear and his ultimate goal and surprisingly, he admires Issei and his pure willpower that's devoted to his lustful desires.

Issei's inner man comes out
Yes, yes it is. And it gets the ladies weirdly enough...

The rest of the gang shows up and more shenanigans ensue. All super funny but the best was when Xenovia pulled out the condoms and said her line xD.

At the end of the episode, Rias and Akeno calls Issei out to a shrine. When he gets there, Akeno greets him and brings him up only to meet Michael the leader of the Angels. Now this was something I definitely did not expect but it seems that he has some interest in Issei and his Sacred Gear. I wonder what they plan to do considering Angels and Demons are enemies.

With the new addition to the family, Gasper becomes the trap of the show and honestly, I'm not a huge fan of traps. I won't go as far as to say they disgust me, but let's just say I'd prefer they just not be in the show in general.
I was also hoping they would follow up on Rias' kiss from last episode but alas, it's completely forgotten right now.
In the preview, it looks like Irina makes her return but who's side is she on now? What'll she do now that Xenovia is with the Demons? It'll definitely be interesting.

Until next episode!



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