Monday, September 23, 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 24 - Eren, COME ON!

Hey guys Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 24th episode of SnK which continues the battle with Annie.

We see Eren and Levi in the flashback that explains how they decided it was Annie who was the female titan and just that one scene with Eren and Levi sitting down by themselves was wholeheartedly...depressing. That place used to be full of people making noise and laughing. Now, it's just Eren and Levi all alone. It's truly a sad scene if you really think about it.

This looks so sad and lonely :(

Back to the present day, Armin, Mikasa, and Eren are stuck inside the tunnels. Annie has them trapped and everyone around them is dying (no surprise there). The backup plan was for Eren to transform and fight Annie but he's unable to do so. He's conflicted in his own heart because of the fact the the female titan is actually Annie. Mikasa states the reality to Eren but he still doesn't accept it. Mikasa has always been scary but if you take this scene into account, she's an oni. LOL.

In other words,  you better not have any feelings for Annie

Anyways because of his uselessness, Armin devises a plan where he goes one way and Mikasa goes the other in order for Eren to get a chance to escape. It will lure Annie out to one of them. Instead, Annie kicks in the tunnel and traps Eren underneath the rubble while Mikasa is desperately fighting Annie.


Back with the Recon Corps and Military Police, the MPs are confused as to what is happening. Erwin understands the situation and tells the men to ready up and fight. He gets his gear as well. The leader of the MP points his gun at him calling him out going against the King. Jean gets tired of playing Eren and leaves his carriage too and asks Erwin if he can go fight as well. He gives him permission and he sets off. As he's making his way through the town, he sees just how useless the MPs are. They're all just standing around doing nothing, scared shitless and Jean wonders why he ever wanted to be like them in the first place.

Dude you have no clue what's going on stfu

Mikasa is still fighting Annie trying to buy time. Since Eren is down for the count, and is actually pierced in the chest, Mikasa ends up leading Annie into another trap set by Hanji and the rest. They pierce Annnie and had her held down. Just as Hanji was about to poke Annie's eyes out, she escapes. Not gonna lie, Hanji's face was scary. Real scary.

Such a great picture of Armin
Gotta do what you gotta do
Bang shots fired
Just another day at the office
Sho kawaii~

With Jean's words and the realization that Annie has actually killed many of his comrades and that he hates titans to their core, he ends up transforming. He rushes over to Annie and delivers a crazy punch to the face that knocks her down. Shit. Is. About. To. Get. Real. 

Deformed Face? Check
Mikasa is so cute when she's unconscious 
Falcon Punch!

Another thrilling episode. Eren finally, after a whole episode of being a wimp, decides to man up and transforms. It's not Eren vs. Annie round 2 and I sure as hell can't wait. This will probably be the last fight we'll get since next week is the final episode. I have a feeling we're going to get a gigantic cliffhanger...

Until next week!



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