Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Recoreder to Randoseru Mi Episodes 5-8 – Sayo and her little advisors, Take-nii has a job?!, Shota vs Loli part 2, The Yoshioka siblings have weird tastes…

Fuuko: Sorry for any delay with this one but I’m here to talk about episodes 5-8 of Recorder to Randoseru Mi.

In Episode 5, we have Atsumi’s friend, Sayo having a chat with the little animals and other objects (crazy~!). Apparently, these animals and objects are telling her to give up on her forbidden love (aka Atsushi since he’s an Elementary student who looks like a Teenager technically making him not legal).

Then a beetle shows up and land on the back of her head and makes her terrified. She thinks of Atsushi and he shows up. Atsushi then removes the beetle making Sayo happy then started crying which then confuses Atsushi.

In Episode 6, Atsumi and Atsushi see Take-nii in a suit. Finally this unemployed bastard got a job!

 Or on his 100th interview…

He now works part-time at a café and he tells his reason why he quits his other jobs, WOMEN. We even also see a jealous Atsumi.

 So Moe!

In Episode 7, Kobayashi is in front of a classroom looking at Sayo sniffing Atsumi but was found out soon after. He then asks Atsumi to go on a date with “him”.

I'm confused as you two…

Apparently, he was talking about Yoshioka and he wants her to distract him till the next basketball tournament before the next loli victim is an “illegal” one. Then Atsumi then says why she must be sacrificed for perverts like him…

 Or Sayo…

The end of the episode show Yoshioka and Kobayashi talk about loving cute things is natural.

 I have to agree with Yoshioka on this one…

In Episode 8, Atsushi and Hina meets Yoshioka out of randomness and we learn two things, Atsumi and Hina are apparently boyfriend and girlfriend (which confuses me…maybe I should watch Do and/or Re again) and Yoshioka jealous of Atsushi because Atsushi's with a loli (aka Hina) and tells Atsushi that they're (loli) soul brother making Atsushi think that they're literally brothers but they’re not. It's also hilarious that Yoshioka doesn't know Atsushi is an Elementary student.
Lolicons Unite!

Aono, Miura, and Kijima show up and greet Atsushi which makes Yoshioka even more jealous. Suddenly, Yoshioka’s older brother shows up and got interested in Miura’s…majestic look…
You have the right to get pissed off Miura

With these four episodes, we see that the recurring minor characters still have their charm and the new minor characters are funny as hell. Haha

Well I think I’ll do the next four in a month so till then, you can read the other reviews done by myself or Tadashi or read my other reviews of this series. Your choice!

- Fuuko


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