Thursday, September 12, 2013

Servant x Service Episode 5 - The Hasebe Family are Amazing! Taishi x Chihaya?!

Wow! Fuuko here with Episode 5 of Servant x Service. It looks like my theory of a possible 16.5 is not happening… unless if there are some ideas float’in around.

Anyways, sorry for the delay, I had this on standby and completely ignored it by accident but either way, let’s begin!

It continues off from when Yamagami wakes up with another person with her in bed. It turns out to be Hasebe’s Aneki, Hasebe Kaoru. Luckily, her place was close and she kinda has a more active train of thought than Hasebe himself.

After meeting Kaoru, Hasebe and Yamagami leave. Yamagami wants to repay Hasebe somehow so Hasebe says that he’ll save it as points until he asks for a big favour (which he uses in Episode 8 if you guys haven’t watched it yet).

The next day, Yamagami returns to Kaoru’s place and gives her sponge cakes as a thank-you for letting her stay at her place and Kaoru decides that they should go visit Hasebe. When they’re at the subway, Yamagami finds out that the Hasebe family are all Happy-Go-Lucky people with Hasebe being the least “amazing” one.

Kaoru and Yamagami are finally at Hasebe’s place (which surprised him) and they chatted. After chatting, Kaoru and Yamagami leave.

The next working day, Taishi asks Yamagami what happened after the drinking party and Yamagami told him everything (which he apparently misunderstood) and hits and shouts at Hasebe who was completely off guard.

In the second half, Taishi finally understood what happened and then they see Chihaya scolding Yamagami.

Or trying to get rid of her hiccups

Hasebe tries to give a shot but Chihaya got angry. Later, Taishi and Hasebe talk about why Chihaya hates him to Taishi flirting with a high school girl who is his sister to Taishi having a girlfriend to Hasebe joking around to…Taishi has a girlfriend?! (O_O; )

Looks like Chihaya and Yamagami heard it and now part of this unsettled subject. Apparently he chooses over his sister over his girlfriend (Chihaya answered). And she also said that she’s his current girlfriend.

Even if she says it as a joke, Taishi’s reaction says it’s true…and it took out Yamagami’s hiccups

At Taishi and Toko’s place, Toko leaves to eat Parfaits with Saya while Chihaya shows up and uses this chance to be with Taishi…alone~.

Toko and Saya talk about Civil Servant workers and College while Chihaya wants Taishi to say “I love you” to her but he can’t since she’s wearing Toko’s school uniform. Toko shows up.

You in deep shit now Taishi

Apparently, Chihaya makes clothes for Toko so it turned out to be a good cover up.
On the next working day, his words that he said to Hasebe of “Don’t date a co-worker” become more serious.

This episode we meet Hasebe’s Aneki, Kaoru, and Taishi and Chihaya as a couple and hiding it from Toko (successfully to my surprise). I have to say that if Hasebe is the “least amazing” of his family, I wonder how is parents are like?

See you again in the next shift! It’s gonna be a “double shift”!

- Fuuko


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