Saturday, September 21, 2013

High School DxD NEW Episode 11 - Dress Break is Back!

Hello guys, Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 11th episode (finally) of High School DxD NEW.

You have been warned!

Resuming with the meeting, they decided to get input from two people who have the ability to change the world - the two Dragon Hosts Issei and Vali. Vali wants nothing but a strong opponent to fight while Issei is unsure. Azazel breaks the situation down for him in a way that he would definitely understand. If they choose 'peace', Issei will be able to have sex with Rias as much as he wants because repopulating would be of the highest priority. If they don't choose peace, there will be no procreating. It's obvious what Issei's choice is in this situation LOL.

She feels the same way, don't worry!
Well, I certainly can

Issei then asks Azazel why he exiled Asia. It turns out that the System that he is barely keeping together is fragile and with Asia and Xenovia knowing the truth, they are a threat to this System and could mess it up for everyone. He humbly apologized and Xenovia and Asia forgave him as they said without that, they're lives wouldn't be as great as they are now being a devil.

During their meeting, time was all of a sudden stopped. Only the Dragon Hosts, Satans, Azazel, Michael, Rias (thanks to Issei), Kiba, Xenovia and Irina were okay because of their immense power. They see mages coming down and realized that they must have taken Gasper as a hostage and are using his power to do this. They had forced his power into Balance Breaker mode.

Vali goes out and attacks the mages while Issei and Rias go and save Gasper. Azazel also ended up facing Katerea Leviathan, who is a descendant of the actual Leviathan. From their fight so far, Azazel realizes that there is someone else backing her up because of the snakes she using to fight with. Kiba, Xenovia and Irina also go out to help buy time.

Striped Pantsu~

Back to Rias and Issei, they find Gasper and Koneko-chan captured. Issei brings out his new sword and cuts himself. He then gives Gasper some of his blood which awakens his powers. Here we see just how OP he really is. He saves Koneko-chan in an instant and turns into his bat form. He freezes time for the mages while Issei uses his famous Dress Break move on the mages. They beat them and now Rias, Gasper, Koneko-chan and Issei are heading back to the battlefield.

It's back!!!

What can I say...Issei is a man among MCs. His straightforwardness is one of a kind. He never fails to amuse us viewers. I'm glad we got to see his Dress Break move again LOL. Next episode is the final episode. Let's hope FFF is on time for it haha.



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