Friday, September 13, 2013

Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS Episode 9 - The Official Loli Team!

Hey guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 9th episode of Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS where the official 10 member team is formed through an (un)interesting experience.

The episode starts off with the traditional loli practice but this time including 5th graders. The only 5th graders that weren't here were the twins and Masumi. Other than that, their practices seemed to be going quite well. Tomoka and Mimi are actually a really good team while Hina and Kagetsu are practicing by themselves. Mimi is even calling Tomoka "Tomoka-sensei" which is really cute hehe.

We see what the two twins are up to. They're doing some special training in order to improve because the lolipop girl totally destroyed them in a match. Even Takenata was shocked. It seems that she's no joke of a player despite her attitude.

Snotty AND OP

Masumi is having her own internal struggle. She refuses to go to practice because of Saki and she feels she needs to beat her. She decides to challenge Saki's restaurant to a duel in their shopping district. Masumi's family owns a restaurant too so they both ended up competing (at least in Masumi's eyes they're competing).

Captain Obvious here lul

Saki gets help from her team of lolis while Masumi gets help from hers. The 5th graders vs the 6th graders in a cooking showdown? Mmm...

Best part was after Masumi finished asking for help, they brought up Aoi's oppai (oppai daisuke). It was truly a funny moment and it never ceases to amaze me how girls can just let people grope their oppai LOL. Oh well, that's what fanservice is haha. And...F YOU RAYS OF LIGHT! F U! *sigh*

Yes, yes they are
If they keep rubbing them then...
Rays of light...f u

With the help of all of their friends, they were able to prepare for the festival accordingly. We also got some D: moments as well xD

During their competition, it seems like Masumi and her team were the only ones thinking that this was a competition. While they were serving customers, the lolipop girls shows up yet again. We find out her real name is Ashihara Rena and she's a 5th grader like them.

While she was being a stuck up child in front of the stand, she was hit from behind by passerby's (on accident of course) and her lolipop was thrown into Masumi's tofu pot. Uh oh... The pot becomes unusable and this crushes Masumi because her dad put a lot of effort into it. Saki, being the super duper mature 6th grader she is helps her get back on her feet. The two stalls end up collaborating on a new rice burger which is an instant success. This was the clinching factor that brings the two groups together.

Damn dickhead!

Now that they're a full 10-girl team, they're eligible for tournaments. More specifically, they're entered in the regional tournament for the national tournament and they're first round match-up is against Suzuridani Girls Academy which is also the team the Rena is on. Looks like it'll be a very good match up. I can't wait to see how they'll fare against this new 10 girl team with the 6th grade superstars.

Judging from the amount of episodes that are left, the match will either take up 2-3 episodes which will leave the tournament unfinished this season. If they win, that's great for them but if they lose (which I feel like they will), they'll probably use the last episode as a wrap up considering there's no more tournament for them. Either way, I just more Aoi<3

See you guys next episode!



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