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High School DxD NEW Episode 12 Final - The Battle of the Dragons!

Hey guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 12th and final episode of High School DxD NEW which truly delivers a great final episode with a battle between the Dragon hosts and tons of new information.

You have been warned!

The episode starts with the arrival of Issei, Rias, Koneko and Gasper. With the dire situation at hand, Gasper has enough and takes off his bracelet and releases his powers that were kept under bay. He was abe to dispel the magic from the mages and even unfroze everyone else. With everyone now able to move, they continued their battle and with the help of everyone, the battle went smoothly.

Learned something from Issei huh

Azazel grew tired of facing Katerea and took out one of his hobbies. Turns out he has his own Sacred Gear that he personally made. It's called a Downfall Dragon Spear and he's able to use Balance Breaker and transform. He becomes the Downfall Dragon and his armor is called Another Armor. With it, he easily beats Katerea but not without sacrificing one of his arms.

Didn't like her anyways >_>

Just as he beat her, Vali attacks him when his guard is down. Turns out he was the traitor and found the other side to be more interesting. He reveals tons of information and we find out that there is a special faction called the Khous Brigade which is made up of revels from the 3 Great Factions.

Woah woah wut

Vali also is working with Orphis, the Uroboros Dragon. He is the strongest of all dragons and was even feared by God. Vali happens to be the descendant of the previous Satan and is also half-human which enables him to be a Dragon Host. His real name is Vali Lucifer.


Vali continues to talk down to Issei saying he pities him and that Fate is cruel for bringing them together like this. Vali will probably become the most powerful host ever while Issei is just a regular human without his Sacred Gear. He threatens to kill his parents in order to throw Issei on a path of revenge and once he says this, Issei snaps.

Don't push it Vali...

He uses his own bracelet and transforms into his armored form. With his willpower, his power rose drastically and it even proved to be a challenge for Vali. The aura between these two fighting was so strong that even Rias couldn't get near it. If she did, she would be burned to death.


Issei uses Ascalon to attack Vali and it was enough to actually hurt him. He eventually broke Vali's armor and blew it apart but he transformed back right away. Ddraig was even telling Issei to run away because things weren't looking good now.

Stawwwp Vali :3

Being the man he is, he brought Rias' virginity into the situation. He can't die because he has yet to take pop Rias' cherry and he uses this as a reason to why he won't die versing Vali. If he did, he wouldn't be worthy. He decides to try and combine his powers with Vali's that he got from an orb. They thought it was pure foolishness but Ddraig told him that if there's anything that he's learned from Issei being his host, is that he is so foolish that it makes things that impossible, possible. He combines them and dubs it Dividing Gear.

Issei - A man among men

Vali decides to show his true power too and has this ability called Half Dimension where he is able to bend space. Azazel decides to help Issei out and explains that his ability can half anything, including Rias' oppai size. This ignites a flame in Issei's heart and he all of a sudden boosts an insane amount of times to the point where he had lost already half his lifeforce (but it doesn't really affect him since he has eternal life being a demon).

plz no
Everyone has their own source of inspiration okay

He attacks Vali for all the oppai from the girls in his 'harem' and eventually pushes him to his limit. Vali tells us that Issei may be worth of another ability called Juggernaut Drive. Just as he was about to activate it, a man named Bikou fell from the sky.

Best line

Bikou is a descendant of the Victorious Fighting Buddha, otherwise known as Son Goku the famous monkey from Journey to the West. He came to tell Vali they need him to fight Aesir? He is also apart of this group of Khous Brigade and it surprises Azazel. The battle, for now, is over.

More wut

Following the battle, Issei asks Michael if he can allow Xenovia and Asia to pray without getting headaches and he agrees to update the system for them. They all see this a peace between the factions.

In the end, as ordered by Sirzechs, Azazel becomes the new advisor for their club with the sole purpose of training they're underdeveloped Sacred Gears and skills. He also replaced his arm with a robotic one that can shoot missiles and such haha.

This guy...

Another one of Sirzech's orders is that all the women are to live with Issei from now on as family should be kept close and it's the source of their strength (especially Issei's). Can I just say, damn you Issei? Damn you!

And with that, comes an end to High School DxD NEW.

Ending Thoughts:

Lemme say that I really did enjoy this season. I personally loved S1 and with all the new unfoldings in S2, I came to love it even more. It's one of the more ecchi series that can be followed without just PLOT but plot.

Issei's harem increased, and with newfound love in Akeno, my jealousy grows. He now has all the girls living in his house. How lucky is that?

Overall, the animation wasn't that much different from the first season but it's not like it was bad in the first place. The soundtrack wasn't anything special (aside from the catchy ED) and really, it was pretty similar to season 1.

But for some reason, I enjoyed this season a lot more! With all the teasers they gave throughout this episode, I honestly am dying for a season 3 announcement. The sales will most likely be great and I feel it's only a matter of waiting until they officially announce it.

S2 (and DxD as a whole) seems to have just the right amount of action, story, OPPAI, oppai, development and sexy/lovable characters.

Thank you guys for reading my reviews. If S3 is ever announced, I'll be sure to post it on my blog.

Visuals: 9/10
Audio: 8/10
Story: 8.5/10
Characters: 10/10 
Enjoyment: 9.5/10

High School DxD NEW Receives an Overall: 9/10 oppai!



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