Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS Episode 11 - Who Will Win?

Hey guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 11th episode of Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS which continues with our match between the two schools.

Lolibaskets ftw!

Rena continues being a 1v1 boss but with Subaru's strategy, they easily stop her. The plan is to have her run into them and for them to take an offensive charge thus resulting in a foul for Rena. Eventually this really got Rena frustrated as she continued to play on with her stubborn attitude. She even gave up open shots and played sour defense.

During the match, Aya even called her out by calling her a coward. It didn't help that Mimi blew by her and did some crazy plays as well as the rest of the team. Their teamwork was better than theirs and this showed in the score.


Rena, who began questioning her ways of doing things, began to space out. With help from her team (and proof from the other team) and Aya, she slowly began to realize she can't win by herself and basketball is more fun playing with a team.

I'm telling you, she's going to grow up to be so sexy............
About time you realized this

She begs to play in the last quarter and her and Aya do. Tomoka totally blows by Rena and this bothers her. That's their ace for you. Even Maho was beating her. It got to the point where Maho frustrated Rena enough for her to accidentally foul Maho and she sprained her ankle. Now it was time for the supporting cast to come in.

Yuri Glasses activated! 
Can't stop her sorry Rena

Maho was even told off by the twins for not believing in her friends and trusting them to win the match. This resulted in a beautiful moment between them which simple made me awe :')


Eventually, they turned the tide around and took the lead against our girls. With the time running out, Saki was ultimately left with the last shot in order to tie the game. Unlike in the 1st season where she missed the shot, she made this one sending the game into overtime. Now this is where the game truly begins.

Such a GREAT shot
20 seconds. Down by 2.
And he finally admits it. Sorry Aoi :(

Next episode we have the final episode with the conclusion to this game (and possibly the tournament). Tomo seems to go into takeover mode and I can't wait to see her shine.



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