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Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 23 - Annie, The Female Titan

Hello guys, Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 23rd episode of Shingeki no Kyojin which reveals to use who the female titan actually is (which is no surprise to most) but they really did draw out 'impact' and I thought it was well done.

The episode opens up with Annie and shows her life as she lives as a member of the Military Police as they've also been assigned to escort the Recon Corps to their hearing (which includes Eren). They're known for being lazy and not hardworking at all and we see just why that's true with the opening scenes. Seriously, these Military Police guys are total dickheads who've probably never even been in a real fight. They did mention that Annie was the only one with actual fighting experience.

A bunch of dicks man...

Inside Annie's group of so called 'comrades' there is one guy named Marlow who's sense of fighting against the flow reminds Annie of Eren. He's trying to change how the Military Police are by rising to the top of the chain and then fixing their terrible ethics. It turns out Annie tells him he reminds her of Eren and that it takes great courage to do that which is why she respects Eren. Marlow tells Annie that this 'person' she was thinking of is just an idiot unlike him and thinks of himself better.

There is another unique member of this group named Hitch who's attitude can be a piss off, but as the episode goes on, she doesn't seem as bad.


Marlow notices that there is a group of MP's who are selling off their equipment to the blackmarket. He didn't like this idea at all and decided to go over and give them a little piece of his mind. He did so pretty halfheartedly as it resulted in him getting beat up by the two officers. Annie and Hitch stepped in at the moment he was about to get clocked by the gun and drove the them away. As they were walking away, Marlow had a chance to shoot them in the back but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He asked Annie if that was something that Eren would do and she answered maybe.

Yes, yes it is. 
Still considered human eh

Now we get some more of Annie's thoughts. She only cares about punishing the corrupt. If you take this into consideration with the fact that she is the Female Titan (which we find out later), could this be the reason why they're attacking? To get rid of the corrupt people in this society?

Later on, as the MP are escorting the members of the RC, Armin approaches Annie asking for her help with helping Eren escape. At first, she says no but with Armin's words, he convinces her to help out.

One ring to rule them all

They make their way through a certain part of the city with Mikasa, Armin and Eren while Annie leads the way. I found it pretty funny they substituted Eren with Jean haha. As they arrived a certain underground point, Annie suddenly refuses to go down. Why? At first I thought it was an ambush that Annie had planned but then it panned out and we see members of the Recon Corps surrounding the area. This was actually all a plan to lure Annie out and it worked.

Poor Jean...

This was their way of capturing the Female Titan which we now know is Annie. Annie admitted that she was the titan and Mikasa almost lost it as she became fed up with this situation (she did say she would brutally murder her lol).


As Eren kept trying to get Annie to go down (who knows what would happen. It seems as if Eren was trying to save her), Annie began to laugh hysterically (AND MAN WAS IT CUTE. WAS SHE ALWAYS THIS CUTE?!) and proceeded to 'harm herself' in order to transform. That's when things got serious and Eren shot a signal flare out and everyone rushed in to subdue Annie before she could transform. She used a ring she put on to transform anyways as Mikasa took Armin and Eren underground just in time to safety.

Was she always this cute?! ohmagawd mfw

Uh oh...


Wow wasn't that an exhilarating episode. With the confirmation of Annie being the female titan, we also get some more insight on possible reasons.

She mentions that she wants to get rid of the corrupt people in society. Here's what I think:

Her and possibly her family (her father was shown in the beginning training her), are people outside of the either the walls or 'society'. They know the truth about this city (whatever it may be) and that the higher-ups are either really corrupted or are hiding some kind of truth. Since she seems to have the power to do something, she first infiltrated as a soldier to maybe gather intel or something, and tried to make her way through the ranks but her cover was blown by Armin and the Commander so now she's forced to show her true nature inside the walls.

I can only imagine the effects it's going to have on the citizens. They beloved walls that keep titans out actually house titans inside. They'll find out that there are human-titans living among them and riots will definitely ensue. The government will be brought into this no doubt.

Also, Eren tried pretty hard to get Annie to go down. Maybe because he's a fellow titan himself and sees how they all view her now that he desperately wanted to help her out. In the end, it was useless.

Anyways, that's all speculation at this point but we'll probably get some well needed answers soon enough.

Until next episode!



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