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Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen Episode 10 - Vintage Attacks!

Hey guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 10th episode of Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen where Vintage finally begins to take action.

The episode starts off with the Mai Hai Festival taking place. Keima has to conquer Ayumi ASAP but because she overheard what he said to Chihiro, things are rather difficult.

Yes, this difficult...

He ends up becoming the "Master" of the maid cafe their class is running (since he does have the experience because he does own a cafe) and his coffee making skills are top-notch. He uses this opportunity to stay close to Ayumi and the things he does say to her still catch Ayumi offguard. Believe it or not, he has excellent sweet-talking skills.

But he is~

Chihiro saw Ayumi and Keima talking and obviously Ayumi doesn't want her to get any ideas. They do end up talking and Chihiro tells Ayumi that she was rejected by Keima. She then tells her that she didn't know her and Keima were so close.


It cuts to Luna, from Vintage talking about capturing the Goddesses. She walks around the festival and tags Ayumi on some kind of radar. She says to other members to begin the hunt once everything is in place.

Keima runs into Chihiro while chasing after Ayumi and immediately you can tell this is going to be awkward. Keima though, blurts out to her to join forces in order to conquer Ayumi. Like, is this something you would say to someone whom you recently rejected? And a bad rejecting in that case too. Well, leave it up to Keima. At least Chihiro shows the appropriate response to something like this hehe.

Tries again ROUND 2
Same answer. Good Chihiro! 

Later on, Chihiro finds Ayumi walking by herself. Ayumi starts to break down as she begins to tell Chihiro that she hasn't really supported her with her love for Keima. It's obvious that she also loves him as well. Just as she's about to say that all she could think about was Keima, Keima interrupts and breaks the tension. Just then his bracelet goes off which means the Goddesses have been attacked or are in trouble...

Vintage then appears and captures Keima, Ayumi and Chihiro. All the other Goddesses were also captured but it shows the one little girl who was with Nikaido-sensei. She had beaten one of the members of Vintage and was asking where it came from.

Just as the situation was getting dire, Haqua comes to the rescue! She does so in blazing fashion. First it shows how she escaped New Hell and it seems she was smuggled out by the Bureau Chief. He tells her that the fate of New Hell rests on her hands and returns the Scythe of Testament. She's also no longer a member of the Loose Souls Team and can now act outside of law. What a nice guy bestowing this upon her.

Haqua in new sexy outfit?! Okay!
Haqua is best girl<3

Back in reality, Haqua singlehandedly takes out all the members of Vintage that attacked them. She did it with finesse and style unlike we've seen before. Don't forget how sexy she looks in her new outfit.

Ouuuu kill em'

Of course, the 'normal' Chihiro and Ayumi had no clue what the fuck was going on so Keima and Haqua played it off as a special effects demonstration. They accepted this explanation rather quickly. Haqua also tells Keima that they hacked her rainment which is how they found out about what Keima had been doing. In other words, they now know the possible hosts of the Goddesses along with all the other people that have had loose souls in them.

esjfuwehf Haqua<3

We get to see what exactly happened to all the Goddesses kidnapped along with the other possible hosts AKA every other girl that Keima had conquered. Things aren't looking too well for them...

This doesn't sound too good...

Since these two were the only ones with them at the moment, they needed someone to keep an eye on them so that they won't be attacked. Nora comes in and Keima assigns Nora to Ayumi while Keima and Haqua protect Chihiro. It was funny because he dragged Chihiro to his house like nothing not even considering how she must be feeling. At least she wasn't depressed or anything.

Once at home, they find out the Kanon was taken away along with the other Goddesses. Everyone except Diana was taken as she makes her appearance inside Keima's bedroom. Haqua begin to explain the situation about everything that's going on. Apparently, Vintage is planning to use that rock point as a gateway to summon the New Hell along with the final battlefield Armage-Machina and East Greda Fortress. East Greda Fortress was also the place where all the Goddesses placed the seal. Inside this gate, Vintage is raising Level-4 Loose Souls (which we've seen last episode) and they are going to be deadly. All of this information was overheard by Chihiro. She's probably really confused but is not a part of this situation whether she likes it or not.

For the last of Keima's plan, he has to confess his love to Ayumi in order to bring out her Goddess, Mer. He also plans to bring Chihiro with him LOL wut.

Now that I think about it, this whole plan to confess his love seems way more forced than usual. He's only confessing in order to get the Goddess out. Anyone else find this to be despicable? I wonder if he truly considers Ayumi's feelings at this point? Even though it seems like things are moving forward, I feel like there will be greater drama later on.

Vintage has made their move and captured all the Goddesses except Diana (who's yet to get her wings) and Mer (who's yet to be conquered). I doubt things will progress smoothly at this point. Also, when the f is Elsie going to do anything? I can't wait to see an all out battle since we don't see those things in TWGOK.

We're also graced with a new ED with Haqua<3 singing it. She's sho kawaii~

See you guys next episode!



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