Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Let’s Brawl! “Ben-To” style!

You are either living in a school dorm or on your own and you have a limited amount of cash for food, drinks, and necessities you need to live. You chose to not cook or you can’t cook at all but you want something that’s filling.

You go to a store at night and you see a store clerk putting half-price stickers on some Food in Containers (otherwise known as Bentos) and you spot the one you want but once the clerk disappears to the back, you aim for your Bento but you suddenly get beaten to a pulp and lose consciousness and blank out.

Once you wake up, your face is bruised and the bento you want isn’t there anymore so now you have to eat whatever’s there like cup noodles, snacks, anything that doesn’t eat your budget, pay and then leave.

You try and return again the next day but it happened again. You have now entered “Wolf” territory. You also join in but as a newcomer, you are known as a “Dog” and if you accomplish to get a bento at least a couple times, you can be called a “Wolf” and if you are really good, you may have a title and this title can also be influenced by your actions.

And that’s my brief summary of Ben-To.

As a Synopsis, we follow a student named Yoh Satou who is later owns the title of “Hentai” and was beaten to a pulp in a store in his first day of school.

He later meets:

Hana Oshiori aka The Novelist who writes about Yaoi

Ume Shiraume aka The Yuri Master who has the hots for Hana and practically any woman that interests her

Sen Yarizui who owns the title of The Ice Witch

Ayame Shaga who owns the title of The Lady of the Lake

Asebi Inoue aka The girl with amazing Bad Luck

Ren Nikaidou aka Yoh’s rival and partner

and the team of Kyou Sawagi and…Kyou Sawagi  who owns the title of Orthrus
(Their names mean something and sound different from each other so don’t ask)

As well as some Legendary Wolves and Half-price Gods

Now, so why did I choose Ben-To?

- It has funny characters (especially the Yaoi loving Hana Oshiori and the Bad Luck active Asebi Inoue)

- It’s like an actual brawl but for Bentos and not for points with a fun and exciting experience along the way with the punching and kicking and meeting new people you may have a problem with and/or become friends/wolf pals

- It’s somewhat realistic due to the fact that Students who live alone or in dorms have limited cash and have a tight budget per month

- The Sega Saturn, Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog, and some Virtura Fighter gameplay were seen in the Anime

Would I recommend Ben-To?: Yes

Ben-To is one of my favourite action, comedy Anime of all time due to the fact hunger overpowers any emotion other than pain and the satisfaction of winning a bento and collecting and saving half-price stickers as a proof of victory.

Got an Anime you want to recommend? Please leave a comment and we’ll probably do it. (^_^;)

- Fuuko


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