Friday, March 28, 2014

pupa Episode 10 - Where are you Onii-chan?

Looks like Yume went on a rampage on these army-looking men…and ate some of them… Will she ever find her “Onii-chan”?


Yume Spotted!


Army-looking guys make the first move

Damn Yume! (O_O; )

Their Mother?!

Utsutsu, move on!

Looks like Yume is having some trouble with the army and Utsutsu looks like he managed to escape from the bad sergeants but my curiosity is on the woman that looked like their mother in Utsutsu’s almost 2nd death flag.

Is she gonna show Utsutsu the way to meet up with Yume and/or escape from the devilish place? Will Yume escape from those army-looking guys and meet up with Utsutsu?

And for those who got killed by Yume, you asked for it…

Well that’s all I have to say for now, till next episode.

- Fuuko


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