Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil Episode 8 - Kill Cecil...Again?!

A crazy revelation at the end that only raises more questions. Who is the real bad guy? Whose side is Moyo on? What are Cecil's dormant powers and why are they sealed? After a nice bonding episode between Cecil and Natcchi, things again get hectic.

|Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil Episode 8|


Well what can I say? WB surprised me this episode with a very intense episode. Everything that needed to happen happened right at the end. Just when things were about to be brought to light, they were silenced by Moyo who looks to be somewhat working with the bad guys here. The leader of these guys is actually Shizumu's father, which explains why he's working for him (whether or not he wants to).

It was sad to see Kaeda suffer that awful exorcist-like death, but it had to be done before she spilled the beans. Hachimitsu seems to have an idea of what this is all related to once Miss Diana mentioned "Him" and "Macal".

Moyo, using her super crazy magic, must have stopped time and made her way to where the battles were being fought, then used her magic again to completely eradicate the two, then she returned back to the office like nothing happened. Her magic is insanely crafty, but it looks like the two from Shark Wizards may have seen her. She wanted to stop them from "spilling the beans" but what is she referring too? Is she really a good guy? I want to believe she is T~T

The CGI fight was okay, but it really was just a beatdown from Cecil with some hard-to-gaze at CGI. It's a shame Kaede lost her life.

And all of this relates to the incident involving Cecil and her mother along with the magic that is dorment inside of her. They want to get it out, but for what reason? For this "Him" they've been talking about? Just what is the bigger picture here? I'm really hoping Moyo isn't really a bad guy since I quite like her.

At the end of the episode, Shizumu also mentioned something incredibly shocking - kill Cecil...again. I'm going to assume that 6 years ago, during that incident, she was "killed" and somehow brought back to a state of living. How? Probably relates to her dormant powers and Labone, Mascal, and the Grimoire. But still, the idea of "again" means this whole thing has been taken to a new level. I honestly can't wait to see what happens.



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