Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Golden Time Episode 13 - Bad Luck Banri

Hmm…Koko in an Apron…Kinda hot! (^_^)

*cough* Oh yeah, I'm still reviewing Golden Time… (^_^; )

Okay, let’s see…Original Banri will now be Banri X and Current Banri will now be Banri Y. Kinda cliché but that will be the term change for now.

The episode begins in a flashback from where Banri Y escapes from the hospital and meets Linda by chance. They chatted and Banri Y decides to go to Tokyo to become a different Banri and start over. He also says thanks to Linda and as a thank you; he said that he’ll pass her message to her friend (Banri X) if he sees him. But then Linda starts crying and saying that her signal can reach him anymore.

So this is her true feelings huh…

After that they parted ways and Linda says something but we return to the present where Banri Y wakes up from the flashback and wonders what Linda was saying at that time.

Now here’s OP Sequence 2.

After the new Opening, the setting takes place at the site where the festival club is going to do their Awa Dance. The men are sharing an electric fan together.

WOW (O_O; )
WOW (O///O; )
Looks like Koko was nervous… (-_-; )

Banri checks on Koko and according to the women, she was energetic but then she started to feel nervous and turn out to look like crap and then she snapped and tried to escape. Linda then calms down Koko which turns out to be a little too much calming for Koko and Koko falls to her knees and one of the girls got her a chair to sit on.

Epic Fail… (_ _; )

It looks like everyone gave up on Koko but then the upperclassmen started doing this amazing chant that I kept watching over and over again because their faces look hilarious haha

And thus, they do their Awa Dance in the Parade.

After, the Festival club parted ways, Banri Y and Koko head for the riverbank for the fireworks show. Banri X then monologues about him being back as a ghost and thought of Banri Y as his younger until recently and said that he abandoned him and plans on giving him some misfortune so he doesn’t feel any happiness with him. Rain started to pour down and the misfortune begins.

On the second half, Banri got a call from Kosshi that the camp was canceled and thus Banri Y’s summer is becoming crap. He then goes to his balcony and see’s Koko outside and decides to play guess who with her on the elevators but instead gets the Epic Nana Punch!

Back in Banri’s Apartment, Koko has bun up her hair and wearing an apron [*nosebleed* (O///O; )] and asks Banri to not help her cook (Why not? He’s already in your control with that get up and you won’t let him help you?) and asks him to stay put while she puts a sleeping mask on his eyes, faced the opposite way with his hands in his back pockets. (Sounds like a role-play if you know what I mean *wink* *wink*)

She begins air cooking without realizing that Banri was facing the mirror with the blindfold on his nose and by the time she noticed after putting the pre-made Yakisoba into the pan, it was already too late haha

After fail surprise cooking time, Koko said that she was planning on cooking it herself but she got nervous and her maid just cooked it for her and they continued talking in a park.

Wait… Banri Y rejected a kiss from Koko?

Back at his Apartment, Banri Y spouted that he doesn’t want Koko to go to Barcelona but couldn’t say it and had a weird fantasy that a better person will get Koko which he doesn’t want and Banri X’s reign of giving misfortune has only just begun.

And here’s ED Sequence 2.

Long story short, the current couple and their festival club members did the Awa dance in the festival, Banri X gets angry at Banri Y for not choosing Linda over Koko and makes Banri Y have misfortune (which I did enjoy watching), and Koko looks hot in an apron and with her hair in a bun.

After thoughts, OP2 and ED2 sound great but it doesn’t par with OP1 and ED1 which sounds better in my opinion and the misfortune that Banri X is giving Banri Y is kinda funny but I don’t think he deserves that much misfortune and because for not choosing Linda too is just dumb...

Though the flashback in the beginning gave an idea on who might have hit Banri X on that day that incident happen and if I'm on the spot for those who know, signal me in any kind of way (that doesn’t involve flipping me off) if I'm either right or wrong.

The one I think that hit Banri that day was Linda.

This is totally proof that she was the one that hit him! But I could be wrong...

I’ll end this off with the next episode’s preview.

Till next episode!

- Fuuko


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