Sunday, January 12, 2014

pupa Episode 1 - Those Red Butterflies and...Too short!!

Warning: There will be some chances that I’ll be referencing the Manga due to it being short so if you don’t want Manga spoilers, you’re in luck. You’re getting some spoilers!

It’s too short… So I’ll make this review shorter. :D

No no, that’s diabolically stupid. I just do it normally. (Probably…)
Here’s the OP Sequence.

Episode starts off with our main meat puppet, Utsutsu, being visited by our main imouto, Yume, who wants to go home with him. (D’aww….)

Huh? Wait a minute…I think there’s a lot of stuff missing here…

Yume then walks off to the park and on the side, there’s this woman holding a cat.

Red Butterflies?
Aww…They look so cute! (^_^)
Ah. A puppy. How adorable. (^_^)
Da Frequent Answers and Questions!!? (O_O; )

Okay, let’s say, a few minutes later, Utsutsu goes to the park and finds Yume lying on the floor.

Damn you! Never hit a Loli! (>_<; )
Dat Bear is creepy! (O_O; )
Ah Damn…They censored the best part… (>_<; )
Look at all that blood! (O_O; )
That’s you, Yume

And here’s the ED Sequence.

Overall, it was okay and the Animation kinda looks similar to that one kid’s show (I'm sure some of you might know what I'm talking about) but in a more horror setting other than playful haha.

But they cut off some of the elements from Chapter 1 when I read it in the Manga like (incoming spoilers) the prologue of the sibling’s past and the little spat with Utsutsu and their abusive father. Unless if they’re planning on showing it in the next episode (though I'm going to doubt they will), they should have done it longer or as a whole episode.

In my opinion, I think they should do this series again but as full episodes (or movie) and not missing elements in the Manga and I prefer uncensored regardless (though I already know they have to censor it…) because I wanna have that uneasy feeling and the feeling to upchuck when I see gore-related content and I'm not even a horror fan.

Well that’s all I'm going to say for now.

See you all next episode!

- Fuuko

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  1. I just wish this was a longer anime, 4 minutes per ep each week is harsh. Anyways, I liked the first ep, that censoring was a bit annoying, I'll have to re-watch on them Blu-Rays. Oh well. Nice review, I look forward to the next ep and review!