Thursday, January 23, 2014

Golden Time Episode 14 - Stalk! Surprise! Swimsuits!

Koko and Chinami in Swimsuit… *nosebleed* (O///O; )

*wiping nose* Alright, let’s begin this episode review!

The episode starts off with 2D-kun calling Banri Y if he was lonely because Mitsuo keeps rejecting his invites and he feels bad for him. 2D-kun said that he might be seeing someone and…

Koko was overhearing their conversation

Banri then gives her the Phone and off the bat, she said that Mitsuo is seeing Chinami and see wants to see it with her own eyes so she suggests that they should stalk them.

Later, they’re at Chinami’s place and Stalker mode Koko goes ahead and sees any evidence with 2D-kun and Banri planning to stay back but…

Chinami is behind them… (^_^)

Chinami was surprised that they came to see her but she wanted them to call her first since she was free as well.

2D-kun and Banri thought she had plans with meeting someone but Chinami says no and then looks at Koko who still in the mind set of seeing Mitsuo with Chinami.

You failed Koko

Even your assumption is wrong…

Chinami then lets them inside her house and…

Chinami and Koko are now Friends lol

People are asking for it, I just want you to lose your ego… (-_-; )

While going up to Chinami’s room, they realized that her house was nearly empty and Chinami says that she’s the only one left since her family moved back to their hometown and she’s finding a place to stay.

Banri, 2D-kun, and Koko try to comfort and support her and then 2D-kun said that they could all have fun at the beach and they agree to it. Then they want to go somewhere to eat and Chinami knows where they can eat where the food is great and the price is just right for their budget.

Once they reach the destination…

Oh look, a love team that I don't want to see... (^_^ )
Why is Mitsuo, that Blond-haired bastard, with Linda?! (O_O; )

It’s breaking a few hearts here!! (>_<; )

And it looks like the party’s over…

On the second half, Koko visits Chinami.


Apparently, they’re trying out swimsuits…Okay, now I'm interested! (^_^)

Koko…WOW!! (O///O; )

*nosebleed* (O///O; )

Chinami Rejected?! (O_O; )

I think this looks fine on her (^_^)

Koko rejected huh… (^_^; )

Then Chinami asks Koko how her relationship with Banri is going and Koko said is not going well. Then Chinami asks what does Banri has to do to satisfy her.

Kinda desperate here… (^_^; )

That seems about right

Apparently, Koko didn’t mean that and she told Chinami what happened in Episode 13 where Banri rejected her kiss.

Then she started talking about her cooking of Air Yakisoba and something about Banri might leave her.

Back to swimsuits (^_^)

That seems to be the weirdest yet okay choices Koko chose so far… (^_^)

At Banri’s Apartment, Banri and Mitsuo are also picking swimsuits.

Looks like Mitsuo’s curious about Linda

From planning to stalk someone to friends comforting another then a very shocking moment and finally, choosing swimsuits for the beach trip…Yeah that pretty sums it up.

After thoughts, all I know there is gonna be a lot hate for Mitsuo here because he’s with our Linda without any of us knowing including Banri X/Y, Koko, Chinami, and 2D-kun and now I'm officially curious how it happened.

Well, I’ll end this off with the next episode’s preview.

Till next episode!

- Fuuko


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