Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil Episode 2 - Case Closed! Surprising Mecha Action!

Episode 2 of Wizard Barristers brings us the closing of the foretold trial but it doesn't do so without introducing to us the skills of our main character and just how crazy the actual trials can be with Wizards being looked down upon.

|Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil Episode 2|

The way she said stop it in English was just kyaaaa~
LOL shutdown
She is definitely a lesbian 
That face....creepy
And this freaking frog can cook. Not just talk, but cook
Okay you have your cute moments
Forcing it on him EHHHHHHH ;)
Sounds awfully a lot like real life but without wizards
He secretly has a fetish for these kinds of things
Sneaky desu~
She knows everything
Well hello ;)
She fucking summoned this what
Something about this doesn't look right...
Looks like a Pokemon
Such a quick decision based on little evidence O_O
I told you so... huh
Ageha-san doesn't like this...
She's a detective for a, police officer?
You don't say huehuehue



We're finally shown the trial and some fluid mecha action. It sure wasn't the greatest, and the CGI (especially when it showed the front of the trial building) was a little hard on the eyes.

The trial was done pretty nice, as oppose to the ending of Galileo Donna which was absolutely horrendous. It's a little scary how quickly the judge was able to come to a decision, which involved his life, with such little evidence given. Good thing Cecil showed up in time or that poor man would have been sentenced to death just like that. It seems the discrimination against wizards is actually pretty high. You know, if you replace wizards with oh let's say another race, it's pretty much just like real life. Discrimination, even though we should be waaaaay past it, is still around.

The mecha fight was pretty interesting itself. Although the animation was iffy at times, as with most of this new CGI in recent anime, it was fun to watch Cecil go HAM. I know we got a little preview of Cecil's powers last episode, but I didn't expect her complete mecha to be THAT beast and it's literally controlled through her scooter. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! I definitely want a scooter like that.

The Supreme Court Chief seems to know Cecil too. Probably related to her mother's case, and it looks like Ageha-san doesn't like this idea of him. I wonder what their connection is. Not to mention how mysterious of a person Ageha-san is. She's merely just a human who runs a whole business of wizards. There's no way she's an ordinary human... Hm...

Next episode will probably bring us another case for Cecil to conquer however I feel like this time, things aren't going to go her way. There's no way you can win every case.

Until next episode!



  1. Was I the only one who thought of Pacific Rim during that mech battle at the end? Seriously that's the first thing that came to my mind.

    Other than that, cool ep. It's still building on the plot and introducing us to the world of wizardry; I'm looking forward to ep 3.

    1. Unfortunately, I haven't seen Pacific Rim but I really really want to :/ I'll probably end up watching it soon enough >_<