Saturday, January 25, 2014

pupa Episode 3 - I love you(r meat), Onii-chan...

Warning: There will be some chances that I’ll be referencing the Manga due to it being short so if you don’t want Manga spoilers, you’re in luck. You’re getting some spoilers!

The episode begins with...

Yume with her Onii-chan in her mouth… (O_O; )

Here we go…we’re missing a scene here…Anyway, Yume is in the middle of a city and wishes that whatever happened that day was a dream and asking for Utsutsu to come back

I swear that bear is creepy (O_O; )
Oh boy… (O_O; )
Ah… Utsutsu’s alive…

After they were reunited…

Just remember, this isn’t “H”, it’s pupa
…Kinda hot… (O///O; )

Another scene missing again…Reasons why I want a longer version!! (>_<; )

To summarize this shorter, Yume wants Utsutsu back, gets her wish, eats his flesh, end of episode.

I really have no after thoughts (and may be my shortest review yet) so I’ll see you guys in the next mini episode!

- Fuuko


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