Thursday, January 30, 2014

Golden Time Episode 15 - Beach Party Curse

Beach Time! Beach Time! I hope nothing goes wrong here! (^_^)

Oh wait…it does… Let’s begin this episode review!

Looks like Banri Y and Koko are ready to go to the Beach!

Can wait to see it! (^_^)
Uh huh…
Good for you
Okay…Now I'm curious!
No juicy info huh…
So she does care for Chinami

After Opening 2, they were waiting for 2D-kun at the Bus stop but…

He’s late…
Oh. There he is.
So he was talking about the Shuttle Bus stop…Fail on you two

Okay…Let’s just say Car time begins… (^_^; )

2D-kun is angry!
Looks like they can’t reach Chinami
How impatient are you my Otamega companion? (^_^; )

Looks like Koko’s gonna look for her…
You're not the only one…

 After a while…

Well at least Koko found you
2D-kun is angry again…
Or became motivated and happy after he got turned on by Chinami in a dress…
So he’s the one with the swimsuit fetish (O_O; )
For some reason, I'm enjoying this conversation (^_^)
Just don’t ask him anymore questions
More Traffic!
All thanks to Banri X!
Mitsuo: Yo! You guys are a little late.

Banri: Not one word about Linda
Koko & Chinami: Okay

Mitsuo started to pull off a conversation with everyone but Koko can’t speak with him normally and he’s kinda getting the cold shoulder from Chinami

In the most cutest way possible (^_^)
Mitsuo: Do guys think Chinami’s a little cold to me?
Huh? What? You sir, are crazy…
What Banri said
More Traffic! Now with Rain!
Weather Report Fail!
*cough* Banri *cough*

On the second half, they made it to the Beach but…

It’s still raining…
Pee in the car
But how do you get there without an Umbrella?
I see where this is going
Any male that can say that in a straight face to a young woman, I envy you…
They’re having fun the rain…
The others join the fun as well
The Men get Ramen, Koko gets Curry, and Chinami gets Yakisoba
And it’s finally sunny outside! More Beach Time!
Chinami’s priceless haha
Fireworks Time!

After Beach Time, they’re about to leave but 2D-kun is starting to get tired so…

Koko volunteered to drive them back

Koko and Banri started to have a conversation while 2D-kun, Chinami, and Mitsuo are asleep and then Banri asks Koko when she leaves for Barcelona and she says next week but she doesn’t want to go and stay with Banri yet Banri insisted that she should go.

But then…

Banri is about to sleep…
And now…Koko?! (O_O; )
This is bad!! And it’s Accelerating!!(O_O; )
Do something Banri X! It’s your fault in the first place!

Then all the flashbacks from previous episodes start playing though to the point where Linda says to Banri Y to tell her friend (aka Banri X)…

Most of this episode was in the car 2D-kun rented and I think it’s pretty normal to have at least one in-car episode in a college related Anime. Come on, even the transportation vehicles need their time to shine as well lol.

Long story short, Banri Y, Koko, 2D-kun, Chinami, and Mitsuo were late from their scheduled time to go to the beach, it rained most of the time, first half was mostly in-car, 2D-kun was the highlight character of this episode, they had fun in the rain then the beach, Koko and Chinami look cute in their swimsuits, Koko can actually drive, and they almost got into an accident since everyone fell asleep thanks to Banri X’s power of misfortune he was using on Banri Y and was saved by Banri X because he didn’t want to go that far to kill them.

I have to say that this is one of the best episodes I've seen so far since it's somewhat close to reality where you try and go out and have fun with your friends but there are times where everything is not as planned as you and/or your friends hope it would turn out and you have to either cancel or wait it out depending on the situation.

Now for Fuuko’s Questions Time!

Does that mean Banri X is back in the Body? Is Banri Y still there? Do Banri X’s and Banri Y’s memories blend together? What happened to everyone after that almost fatal accident? Will Banri’s Past be exposed to everyone?

Well I hope that the next episode will say something…I’ll end this off with the next episode’s preview.

Till next episode...

- Fuuko


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