Saturday, February 01, 2014

pupa Episode 4 - Before the Siblings' Reunion

Warning: There will be some chances that I’ll be referencing the Manga due to it being short so if you don’t want Manga spoilers, you’re in luck. You’re getting some spoilers!

The episode begins with

High-definition “H”!
lol no Just Yume eating Utsutsu’s flesh

Now it backtracks to the main part of the mini episode.

So is covered in Blood part of it?

What a censored massacre we have here (O_O; )

I scared of what they’re going to do to his body (O_O; )

Shocker, isn’t it

In the lab…

She wasn’t even scared one bit? 
The background looks pretty covered with dead bodies and blood stains…

Badass with a scalpel?

Huh? (0_0 )



Damn…That’s a hard question…

…Or not

Summary, Utsutsu turns out to be infected with pupa virus and finds out Yume has it and decides to become Yume’s limited edition meat puppet.

All my afterthoughts will only consist of “make a longer version!” and “un-censor it!” . Though I’m wondering what’s Maria’s true motive other than just observing Yume and Utsutsu and I think they might show it in the later mini episodes…

That’s all I have to say for now so see you all next episode…

- Fuuko


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