Friday, February 28, 2014

pupa Episode 8 - They are on the Move!

Yume and Utsutsu are being looked for? Why are people looking for them? Well let’s figure out why…

Huh? (0_0 )

Utsutsu is getting stabbed constantly?

This Sadistic Bastard!

Go Yume!

You bastard!

What a nice payback but it's scaring Yume

There was another?

Be on your guard Yume!

Right now I'm guessing that these people are part of the Imari Ishin Corporation that are looking for Yume and Utsutsu but why are they so sadistic? And Utsutsu, I think according to Yume that he’s getting to be violent like their father who only shows up in the flashbacks in the Anime?

Even though it looks like a slow episode (well to me anyway), I wanna say it’s starting to get interesting but for the average of four minutes per episode…I still gonna say it, it’s starting to get interesting!

Well that’s all I have to say for now, till next episode.

- Fuuko


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