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Sibling Magnet: We Will Always Be Sticking Together! - Soprano and Bass' Part-time Debut (2)

*ACTC: Entrance*

*Person standing in front of them with his back turned*

Sol: Hey! I brought a couple of people who want to be recruited here!

???: Really?! Who are they?

Soprano: Soprano…

Bass: And Bass Crossfade, sir…

*Person turns around and starts greeting Soprano and Bass*

???: Well hello there Soprano! Bass! (^_^)

Bass: Wait…You’re-

Just to get you guys up-to-date, Soprano and I (Bass) are at the VG district to get a part-time job at Arcade City Trail Corner or ACTC for short. We met this Trap named Sol who apparently knows the person who owns the Facility and after finding out who owns it…

Wait, why am I known as a trap in this summary?

Who said that it’s your turn to speak? You’re the main in the next-

Okay, I get it! (>_<; )

Now back to the story…

*Two more people come to the area*

???: Oi! Did some new recruits come? Let me see them! (^_^)

???: I'm curious too! (^_^) Oh. Sol what brings you here?

Sol: I brought some recruits for your Facility. (^_^)

Soprano: *fan mode* Oh. My. Idols! I know who you two are! (^_^) You’re-

Bass: The 24th Arcade King, Fuuko Gamerson!   Soprano: Aqua and Soul from Duo Sparking
                                                                                           Waters! (^_^)
Fuuko: Surprised that I'm still known… (^_^; ) 

U-ko: You don’t have to call us by our stage names or idol group… (^_^; ) Talk to us normally.
         I'm U-ko Gamerson, Fuuko’s youngest sister.

San: And I’m Sunshine Furea but I'm usually called San. I'm also Sol’s twin sister. (^_^)

Bass: Wait…You're this Trap’s sister?

Soprano: Are you sure? He may be a cute trap but you two don’t look alike…

Sol: I'm known as a trap to them…this isn’t right… (T^T; )

San: Come on now…You two are making Sol cry now… (^_^; ) By the way if I do this… *removes
       ponytail band and contacts and puts on glasses* And there we go! (^_^)

Soprano: …They look alike… (0_0; )     Bass: Wow…They really do look like twins… (0_0; )

Soprano and Bass: Especially at the chest area… (^_^; )

Sol: *turns head away from San* Pfft!     San: *blushes* Where are you two looking at?! (0//0; )

Bass: Sorry haha (^_^ ) Anyway, you two have different last names even though you guys are

Sol: Our parents split up when we were 2 years old and I started living with our mother and my new
      step family while San is living with our father.

San: We didn’t actually see each other until I began my Idol career with U-ko a year and a half ago
       when Fuuko asked me to form a group with her… (^_^; )

Fuuko: It was her mother’s request though… (^_^; ) Oh yeah, I remember there was a house
          3 blocks away from yours where it occasionally blows up from the inside but then smells
          really nice after. (^_^)

U-ko: I think the scent that time was something sweet? Or was it sour? (^_^; )

Soprano and Bass: I think I know what house they’re talking about… (-_-; )

Fuuko: Okay…with that aside, Soprano! Bass!

Soprano and Bass: Yes!

Fuuko: You two ready for the trial period?

Soprano: Trial Period?

Bass: So you’re testing us…

Soprano: Huh? (0_0; )

Fuuko: Yup! You got it, Bass!

U-ko: It will be a Duo Trial so I’ll be pairing up with Fuuko while you two pair up. 

Bass: Duo Trial, right?

Fuuko: Yup! We’re playing one of the seven Rhythm based games that are based off of Arcade
          City’s Districts.

Soprano: Isn’t there 14 Districts in Arcade City since it’s both Gaming and Virtual Reality?

U-ko: You can say that but our world and the VR World are similar just that the VR World enhances
         our gaming ability.

Soprano: Oh okay…I think I get it now.

Fuuko: We even have a new beta VR system that we’re trying out in this facility.

Bass: Really?! Where?

Fuuko: Those 6 giant pads over there.

U-ko: Just stand on one of the pads and then say the catchphrase.

Bass: And this catchphrase is…?

*Fuuko, U-ko, San, and Sol run and get on 4 of the pads and begin taking a stance*
*I’ll let your imagination run wild on what their actions are*

Fuuko: Know the Tune…

U-ko: Follow the Tempo!

Sol: Get into the Rhythm…

San: Showtime’s on!

*Pads activate and VR Field comes out*
*Again, let your imagination run wild on their transformation sequence*

Name: Fuuko Gamerson, Avatar: Kuro Yuuto Udo aka KYU, Gen V, Fuse!

Name: U-ko Gamerson, Avatar: Haruna Kajiya aka Sora Udo-Mizuppoi, Gen V, Fuse!

Name: Solar Furea-Nightingale, Avatar: Haruki Piko Udo aka Ruki, Gen V, Fuse!

Name: Sunshine Furea, Avatar: Haruto Michi Udo aka Ruto, Gen V, Fuse!

*Fuuko, U-ko, San, and Sol do final transformation pose with their VR Avatar outfits*
 *Soprano and Bass are amazed and clapping*

Soprano: That looks pretty cool~! (^_^)

Bass: So we don’t have to look like the actual Characters the Udo series, huh…

U-ko: Yup! With this VR Field, you basically change outfits and have set skills like in Arcade City.

Fuuko: So, You guys wanna try it out? We still have two more Pads available.

Soprano: Yeah! I wanna try!

Bass: Well we still have to do our trial period, so might as well…

*Soprano and Bass get on the remaining 2 pads and begin taking the stance*

Soprano: Know the Tune…

Bass: Follow the Tempo!

Soprano: Get into the Rhythm…

Bass: Showtime’s on!

*Pads activate and VR Field comes out*

Name: Soprano Crossfade, Avatar: Tsubasa Shun, Gen V, Fuse!

Name: Bass Crossfade, Avatar: Kyo Daisuke, Gen V, Fuse!

*Soprano and Bass do final transformation pose with their VR Avatar outfits*

U-ko: Hmm…Tsubasa and Kyo, never thought you guys would choose them…

Fuuko: It doesn’t seem weird to me…

Sol: Are these your favourite Characters in the Udo series?

Soprano and Bass:  Yes.

San: Nice Soprano! *grabs Soprano’s hands* I'm glad that I'm not the only one who chose a male
       character avatar. (^_^)

Soprano: Well the female avatar outfit for Tsubasa looks pretty cute and that one part in the Gen III
               Manga where…

Bass: *annoyed* Okay, Okay, Okay! Can we get this started before this starts to become an Udo

Soprano and San: hehe Sorry… (^_^; )

*In the VR Field*

Fuuko: Okay…Let’s pick the games we’re gonna play…

*Menu pops out with the 7 rhythm games*

U-ko: Rhythm Cards, Rhythm Dancing, Rhythm Fighting, Rhythm Racing, Rhythm Puzzles,
        Rhythm Shooting, and Rhythm Sports. Choose one that you guys are positive on Winning. (^_^)

Bass: Ah Okay…Huh? (0_0; )                     Soprano: I choose Rhythm Dancing! (^_^)

Fuuko: Uh...Soprano, aren’t you two supposed to agree on the same thing? (^_^; )

Soprano: I know, but I’m definitely positive that Bass and I will win this! (^_^)

Sol: Bass, are you fine with this?

Bass: Yeah, I'm fine with it…If Soprano says we’re gonna win this, we’re gonna win this!

San: That’s some confidence you got there trusting your sister like that…I wish Sol was like that…
      (^_^; )

Sol: I swear if these jokes get any further, this short story series might turn into a Wincest series…
      (-_-; )

San: But in ours-

Sol: LALALA~! Can we just start this already?! (>_<; )

Bass: Yeah…I kinda want to start now…

U-ko: Okay… (^_^; ) Let’s Begin this then! *clicks on Rhythm Dancing*

It looks like our Rhythm Dancing Trial Period battle is gonna start…What type of Music are we gonna dance to? Plus, what are Sol and San’s role if Soprano and I are not versing them?

To Be Continued…


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