Sunday, February 23, 2014

pupa Episode 7 - Censorship at its finest

Maria and this Hotoki guy…We don’t know anything about them…until now.

Let’s see who these mysterious people are.

Huh? (0_0; )

Wincest a la erotica?

This is the weirdest hot springs ever

Yume?! (O_O; )

This is just messed up…

What I have learned after watching this episode is that they censor blood and dismembered/eaten bodies and leave naked bodies uncensored…At least we something to look forward to. (^_^)
Though I was really confused on how did Maria get Sperm Cells from Utsutsu and Egg Cells from Yume and why is she planning to be one that will have their demon spawn? Did she get it from after they had that intense super amazing cannibalism last episode? Plus, who are the Imari Ishin Corporation and why are they looking for Yume and Utsutsu? Will we get out answer in the next episode? (Probably not…)

Well, time to end it off for now so see you all next episode.



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