Thursday, February 06, 2014

Golden Time Episode 16 - After the Accident, Drama Happened...

A lot of things happened after that accident last episode…Mainly drama.

And how did everyone handle it? Especially Koko who was on the wheel?

Well it’s time to find out why…Let’s begin this episode review!

From last episode,

They got lucky (O_O; )

After the opening,

Ouch Chinami

Once the police came, they treated Chinami and Contacted Koko’s Parents about this accident…

Banri and the others then meets up with Koko’s father at a parking lot and then…

*SMACK* Damn!! Epic Papa Slap!! (O_O; )

After that…

Damn! I feel bad for the baguette! (O_O; )

So no love for the baguette… (-_-; )

Damn Nana! You scary! (O_O; )

Now for the meeting...

Chinami’s healed up! (^_^)

Nice Chinami! (^_^)

Must be still in shock or something…

Apparently Koko’s father met up with Chinami’s parents about her injury and 2D-kun’s father about insurance, car repairs, and accident reports.

Then each of them feels that it’s their fault/responsible for that the accident happened.

2D-kun: I know she’s was tired as me and I made her drive!

Chinami: It became a big deal since I got hurt.

Banri: I was in the passenger seat and needed to keep talking to her so she won’t sleep on the wheel.

Mitsuo: Koko wasn’t used to driving yet and I should’ve stopped her

They everyone decided to check on Koko instead of being gloomy but Chinami can’t go since she has work later on so they decided that Banri should go there alone.

On the way, Koko’s father sees Banri and lets him inside his house and talk to Koko.

Now the Drama starts…

I'm okay with that

Damn it Banri

Koko wants to take all the blame huh…

Well it did take you 16 and a half episodes to notice that

That’s what we all think at first but it’s never true

That’s why you take it slow before growing up

It’s true

Koko snaps! (O_O; )

Banri and Koko began arguing back and forth about Banri leaving his past and starting over and Koko not facing her past and then Koko uses headbutt on him and saying that he cut ties with everyone in his past with her being the next one he’ll cut ties with.

Apparently it was all because of a dream…

Aho Koko

 They made up but I think this part was the best

Long story short, Koko blames herself for causing the accident that almost killed them if Banri X didn’t step on the breaks and then decides to not see everyone after that but everyone want to see her but left Banri to do it. Banri then visits her with her father letting him in her room, drama happens and once it was getting better, Koko’s father interrupts them amazingly and end of drama.

I hate to say it but I kinda like this episode not because Koko snapped and decides to be a shut-in and not want to see her friends again, but the way Banri tries to calm her down and/or making her vent out everything while Koko’s father is just there on the sidelines listening to them speak and then started to improvise once Banri noticed and Koko noticing later and I was really getting into the drama until the climax was interrupted but I think laughing things out is way much better than keeping the drama on. I think it is better that way.

Well that’s all I'm gonna say for now…I’ll end this off with the next episode’s preview.

Till next episode!

- Fuuko


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