Friday, February 14, 2014

pupa Episode 6 - WTF?! This is...

For some reason, I feel….well I’ll let the review say it… (0//0; )

The Beginning of Happy Fun Time?

Whoa there! (O_O; )

Finally a white bar!

Damn it! Back to the black bar…

DAMN (0//0; )

What you see is not heavily censored “H” though it did look like it (not that I watch them before or anything! [which is an obvious lie {last one I saw was probably a few-}]) *cough* Must not go any further than that… (^_^; )

Back into the subject of pupa, this episode is practically that with a few words (aka Yume, Niku (meat), and Onii-chan) and sound effects that sounds really…

This is actually what I was waiting for in pupa (but without the heavy censoring) and so far, this episode is my most favourite out of this series and we need a longer version and/or more of this!

Anyways, till next episode!


- Fuuko

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  1. I won't lie here, even though I knew what I was signing up for when I first heard about this anime, I wasn't actually expecting full on cannibalism. I mean sure I probably thought it would happen at some point, but wow this was the real deal.

    To be honest, I had a hard time sitting through those 4 minutes, watching as some guy was eaten to death. I felt kinda awkward and uncomfortable watching this (especially when Yume opens her mouth and there are teeth all around inside) and I lost my appetite too (I was going to go eat lunch after watching, but I never did). True this is probably nothing compared to other things, but I was struggling through this ep. Further proof that I don't watch scary/bloody things that much...

    Anyways, I'm looking forward to the next ep and I'll probably go back and rewatch it all uncensored when it's released sometime in... March or April I think.

    Not exactly a review, but I enjoyed reading it just that same!