Sunday, February 09, 2014

pupa Episode 5 - The Story of the Masochist Mother and the Birth of Yume

Ever wonder what happened to Yume and Utsutsu’s mother and wonder how she felt about them? Well technically, I don’t know either since of the available translated chapters in the in Manga sites…

So I'm getting curious too so let’s begin!

What a way to start off an episode

Wait, Wait, Wait…Yume’s a demon spawn?! (O_O; )

Why no let them have sibling bonding?

Damn! (O_O; )

She killed Yume?

She’s alive… (0_0; )

What a delicious raw, uncleaned bird she’s eating there…Full of diseases I don’t like knowing (^_^)

Hmm…So in the end, she was crazy and a total masochist…

After thoughts, I can’t believe Yume was that much of a threat according to their mother but being able to stand up even after being killed by her mother since she was a baby really makes Yume the best demon spawn ever!

Well that’s all I'm gonna say for now so see you all next episode.

- Fuuko

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  1. Ep 5 was actually pretty good. Finally getting some story happening. I was quite shocked to see Yume's mother actually kill her at one point. Getting sliced by one of those knives would be a bad way to go. But Yume was back in no time. I gotta say though, that part when Yume is lying on the floor looking over at her mother, damn her expression is so smug! Also Yume eating that bird, gross. I'm looking forward to ep 6 on Thursday now!