Monday, February 10, 2014

Sibling Magnet: We Will Always Be Sticking Together! - Soprano and Bass' Part-time Debut (1)

*Soprano and Bass’ House: Bass’ Room*

*Bass’ playing “Udo Generations 2”*

*Soprano opens the door while holding a flyer*

Soprano: Bass!

Bass: What?

Soprano: Look at this flyer! *hands flyer to Bass*

Bass: Hmm…A new gaming facility is about to open in the VG District…

Soprano: And they’re looking for a pair of High School students to do some part-time work there 

Bass: Uh huh…Good Luck. *puts flyer down and continues playing*

Soprano: …Didn’t you hear me? They’re looking for a pair of high school students.

Bass: And…

Soprano: You should come with me. (^_^)

Bass: Huh? Why can’t Alto and/or Tenor go with you?

Soprano: They said they're busy with their part-time jobs.

Bass: *stops playing* *sarcastic* Really…This is the first time I’ve heard of them with part-time 
           jobs, especially Alto.

Soprano: So, you wanna go?

Bass: Might as well…I have an interest in looking at this new facility anyway.

Soprano: Yay? (^_^; )

Hi~! My name is Soprano Crossfade and the one I'm chatting with is my brother, Bass. You might have remembered us in Alto and Tenor’s story when we visited them and they got in that “Sticky” situation haha.

Stay on track Soprano!

*cough* Sorry… (^_^; ) Anyways, this takes place 2 years later after that and this is the story of how we got our part-time jobs.

*VG District: CG Ave.*

*Soprano and Bass get off a train*

Bass: So this is the VG District…

Soprano: It looks like this place is solely based on different famous Games from Arcade to Card 

Bass: Hey look! There’s a restaurant over there! It looks like an Idol Café. Wanna check it out before 
          we head over to that facility?

Soprano: Sure! We might even have a conversation with the server that we get and ask him/her 
                about the area. (^_^)

*TCG Idol Café: Entrance*

???: Hello and welcome to the TCG Idol Café! Table for two?

Bass: Yes.

???: Alright, right this way. *brings Soprano and Bass to their table* Is it your first time in the VG 

Soprano: Yup! And we’re also applying for that new facility that’s going to open. (^_^)

???: So you two are applying for ACTC? *sits them down*

Soprano: *sits down* ACTC?

???: “Arcade City Trail Corner” or ACTC for short. That’s the new facility you guys are applying 
         for. *hands them menu*

Bass: *takes menu* Do you know how to get there? Uhh…

Sol: Solar Nightingale is my name but people here call me Sol. (^_^)

Bass: Ah okay, Sol. *looking around the menu*

Sol: I can take you guys to ACTC if you want. I know the owner there and he’s also a family friend 
       of mine. (^_^)

Soprano: Are you sure? What about your boss? Will he approve you leaving your shift early?

Sol: It’s okay. My aunt and uncle own this place. I’ll inform them as soon as you two are done.

Soprano: That’s really nice of you Sol. (^_^)

Sol: So you two ready to order? *takes out pencil and paper*

Bass: Yup! I’ll have a Mixed Berry Muffin and a Melon Milkshake.

Soprano: A Strawberry Parfait and a Rosette Nebula Drink for me. (^_^)

Sol: Okay. I’ll be back with your order. *grabs menus and leaves*

Soprano: Wow…Sol looks pretty cute! (^_^)

Bass: Yeah…Even though he’s a boy… (-_-; )

Soprano: What?! Seriously?! (O_O; ) How do you know?!

Bass: Just by looking at him.

Soprano: You sure? Let’s ask him or her just in case! (>_<; )

*few minutes later*

Sol: Yeah, I’m a boy.

Soprano: *shocked* (O_O; )   Bass: I knew it… (-_-; )

Sol: No worries Soprano. People who first come here in the VG District usually mistook me for a 
       girl at first haha… (^_^; )

Soprano: Once again, Bass is right… (_ _; )

Sol: Huh? (0_0; )

Bass: Just ignore her last comment… (-_-; ) (I really want to make a wrong assumption one of these 

*after café time*

Sol: Tito Miko! Tita Yuka! I'm gonna show these two to ACTC!

Miko: Alright. Take care!

Yuka: Make sure you come back once after you show them!

???: I wanna go too!

???: Yeah! Same here!

Yuka: Luna! Étoile! You two stay here and finish your shift! The new part-timers haven’t shown up 

Luna & Étoile: *making pouty faces* Boo~! *returns to work* Idol~ Fight~!!

*VG District: GK St.*

*Sol, Soprano, and Bass looking at the District Centre Map*

Sol: Alright, if we continue to take GK St., it will take us to Arcade Ct. where ACTC is located.

Soprano: Wow…There’s a lot of Game-related facilities around here… (O_O; )

Bass: Can we go now? I’m about to get distracted…

Sol: Huh? Sure… (^_^; )


Soprano: Come to think of it, what type is your Café?

Sol: The Café? It’s a TCG and Deck Building type of facility.

Bass: That explains the Idol Fighter Deck in your pocket at that time.

Sol: You know about Idol Fighter?

Bass: A little… (^_^; )       Soprano: A LOT! (^_^) I love it!

Sol: You really must love Idol Fighter Soprano.

Soprano: Yup! I do! (^_^)

Bass: It’s the only TCG she knows and she also forced me to play with her… (^_^; )

Sol: So before we get into this topic… *brings their attention to the building in front of them* Here’s 
       ACTC, the new Rhythm Arcade Facility! (^_^)

Bass: Rhythm…

Soprano: Arcade…

Soprano: Facility?! (^_^)      Bass: Facility?! (O_O; )

I was actually surprised that this building was a Rhythm Arcade Facility though our surprised reactions got even bigger once we got inside…

To Be Continued…


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