Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil Episode 1 - The 17 Year Old Barrister, Cecil

The 2013-14 Winter anime season brings us yet another barrage of weird titles and ideas, with Wizard Barristers being no exception.

|OP Sequence|

|Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil Episode 1|

"Ah, another anime by the creator of Galileo Donna..."
Obviously not
"Uh, who the fuck are you"
Of course you will
Honest...I like that
Late on the first day of her job >_>
Looks like we know who the bitch of the workplace is hahaha
You tell 'em old man!
Rape face
Straightforward. I like that.
Hit me up
Nice scenery 
Mom? :/
Late no pronz
She's a 17 year old prodigy what do you expect

|ED Sequence|



Wizard Barristers was one of the anime that I was really looking forward to. Needless to say that the first episode was neither spectacular nor bad, but rather sub-par when introduced.

Our main character, Cecil Sudou is a 17 year old prodigy who had just become a Wizard Barrister, which is essentially a lawyer and in this show, for wizards. Her happy-go-lucky attitude followed by pure optimism makes you feel uneasy since it's obvious something in the future will knock her down where she will experience some kind of broken state thus leading to her overcoming it. The bright colors that she wears also matches her outright personality. She also seems to be quite powerful (which is to be expected of a prodigy) as she demonstrated at the end and her golem wasn't even complete.

The overall setting of the show is an interesting concept - become a barrister to represent other wizards as they are put to trial, even when wizards are looked down upon. I can only hope they keep bringing darker elements to this show, as hinted by Cecil whose own mother was put in jail for a crime she most likely didn't commit implying she's trying to prove this twisted system wrong and bring out its flaws.

The art and animation is nothing serious. The action was good at the end, not great. It's average, like most shows lately. The colors used are intriguing however and are somewhat unique.

There was also the pacing of the show. The first half felt all over the place, while the second half improved. The VAs for this show could also use some work, aside from "Kirino" and "Yoko Littner" hehe.

I really am looking forward to some of the possible developments. With the mystery-esque opportunities this show will have, I hope they pull it off properly. There is potential in this anime, and if they can bring it out...ouuu! It's a little worrisome however because this is the same guy who made Galileo Donna and it's atrocious ending. Not to mention there is a courthouse involved xD

Anyways, see you guys for the next episode!



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