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Nisekoi Episode 2 - Honey~! Darling~! The Amazing (FAKE) Chi-ku Couple!

Warning: There will be some chances that I’ll be talking about the Manga with the Anime for comparison or something else, spoilers may arise…

Yup! The title says it! This is the beginning of an amazing (and hilarious [and fake]) relationship! (^_^)

Alrighty, let’s begin!

The episode starts off with a suspense scene but it’s just leading to the part where both Raku and Chitoge found out about the other, their fathers being old friends and have to date each other for the sake of making sure that no war against the Yakuza and Gangsters begin.


The Beehive Gang shows up as well as the Yakuza

Then Raku and Chitoge’s fathers told the Gang and Yakuza that Raku and Chitoge are dating.

After the Opening, Claude asks their boss if it’s true and they said yes and then…

The Yakuza feeling happy for Raku

Claude feeling happy for Chitoge

And both parties decide to not do a war and support in Raku and Chitoge’s relationship


Now don’t ruin their moment…

Oh boy… (O_O; )

You two better do something…

Good enough!

After that moment, they're officially screwed and now a couple but neither both of them have any dating experience. Then Raku thanks Chitoge for finding his pendant and then Chitoge asks how he got the pendant and Raku told her his story that a few years ago, his dad took him to a trip and became friends with this girl who gave him the pendant while she holds the key and it acts like a symbol of their reunion if they ever see each other again. He couldn’t remember her name or face except for the promise he made with her.

Then Raku said that Chitoge hates these types of people like him but Chitoge said she hates guys who keeps concerning over past mistakes and things that can never be change but…

Trying to evade her cuteness, Raku then says that they have to do something about this situation and said that he can’t stand staying with her any longer let alone dating which then Chitoge agrees and they’re back being enemies.

The following day, Raku get a surprised visit from Chitoge.

Apparently, she wants to go to a date. (^_^)

 On the Second half, Raku and Chitoge have their date.

With the most exclusive stalkers you'll ever get! lol

Raku then wonders what he should do on a date…

That seems to be a great dating fantasy… (^_^)


After Café, Diner, and Movie fail, Chitoge forces Raku to get her a drink. Once he left angry, a bunch of men are trying to hit on Chitoge but Chitoge said she waiting for someone and begins ignoring them. Then the men started to piss her off (as well as their Gangster/Yakuza stalkers) and then…

Raku saved her

At the park, Chitoge asks him why he stopped her from attacking them and Raku said that she has to start picking her own fights and not just fight anyone she chooses.

Then Chitoge complains why he has to lecture her then says so far the date’s okay and then leaves for the restrooms while thinking that she was careless for having a guy hold her for the first time.


What a coincidence (^_^)

Kosaki then asks Raku what is he doing at the park but Raku asks her the same thing just to get away from her question.

Back with Chitoge, she hears her Gangster stalkers questioning about her and Raku’s relationship and then she finally decides to act as a girlfriend…

At the Wrong timing possible! (O_O; )

Kosaki then asks if they are dating and they both decline that they are but they can’t do anything about it since their exclusive stalkers are watching them so Chitoge starts saying yes they are with Raku saying other stuff to counter what Chitoge is saying.

Then Chitoge leaves to do an errand (aka leaving before Raku screws them over). Then Claude is starting to have second thoughts about Chitoge and Raku’s relationship.

Raku then tries to tell Kosaki the truth but she’s already convinced that he and Chitoge are officially dating. Then Raku asks Kosaki if she knows about his pendant but she said she doesn’t.


Kosaki and Raku then parted ways and Raku searches for Chitoge. Once he found her, Chitoge gets pissed for being the only one doing the lovey dovey act and Raku gives her Red Bean Paste Cakes (aka Dorayaki [Yes I did search it up because I thought it looked like Geppei {Japanese variation of Moon cake} or Hopiang Hapon {Filipino variation of Moon cake with Red Bean Paste} but it turns out I was wrong] or it could be Anpan…) as an apology. Apparently, she hates them.

Kosaki then returns home and in the end…

Kosaki feels bad that she lied about not knowing about the pendant to Raku

And here’s the ED Sequence.

Long story short, Raku and Chitoge are force to date each other after their fathers convinced their members that the two are dating and are in love with one another. The following day, Chitoge decides that she and Raku should go on a date (since Claude was with her) with both crews go incognito and trying to see if they’re actually dating but Chitoge was complaining most of the time and hates where ever Raku takes her. Then later in the day, Chitoge then finds out what they were doing and started acting like a lover but didn’t notice Kosaki at that moment so Raku and Chitoge have to say that they’re lovers so they don’t get caught but Claude found out and wants to break them up.

If I hadn’t read the Manga before, I would say that this episode, I find that Chitoge (despite looking cute in this episode) being a bitch to Raku is sorta stupid. He’s trying to do his best and this fake relationship and she acts like that? I rather tell her to shut up and listen to me! (>_<; ) But it might end up me flying into the sky and I don’t want that… (^_^; )

But since I'm reading the Manga and know how it’s progressing with Raku and Chitoge, I would say that this episode was probably my favourite since this episode showed the parts where I started to get into the Nisekoi Manga. (^_^)

That’s all I have to say for now and there’s no preview…

Oh right...The mini episode...

Raku and Chitoge are in charge of the taking care of Animals.

Then Chitoge asks how many Animals are here and Raku says about 90-ish.

Then asks if they have names but Raku only have names for half of them. (Wow…This is like me Naming my Pokémon in the Pokémon games or Naming my Miis in Mii Maker in my Wii U…)

That name is amazing! (O_O )

Raku then asks Chitoge to give it a shot on the naming.

Easy way out huh… (^_^; )

Raku said at least remember the ones she named like…

She was thinking of eating them… 
I would probably think the same thing too haha... (^_^; )

Now I'm done! See you all next episode!

- Fuuko

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  1. I'm really liking this show so far. Can't decide between Chitoge and Onodera :/ not to mention there are still two other heroines to be introduced >_<