Saturday, June 08, 2013

Date a Live Episode 10 - Origami is Awesome! But She Must Kill Kotori!

Elloooo guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 10th episode of Date a Live which gives us a follow up on the Kotori vs Kurumi fight while dealing some nice bits of information with Origami in the spotlight.

The episode continues off from Kotori arriving only to show her being vastly superior to Kurumi. Kotori is able to regenerate herself (Shidou's regeneration abilities were originally Kotori's) which means any of Kurumi's attacks (including her ability to stop someone's time) prove ineffective.

Another surprising event was the fact that Kotori lost it and began acting like a pure-blooded killer. Kurumi was already on her knees and Kotori was about to deliver the final killing blow with her Angel. Her eyes suggested she was someone else and no reason could stop her from what she was about to do. Kotori later explains this tends to happen whenever she's in Spirit form. She has the urge to destroy and kill things and she has no control of it whatsoever.

Shidou managed to stop her by charging in front of the shot she fired which brought her back to her normal self but narrowly just missing Shidou and Kurumi. Kotori or Efreet is an incredibly powerful Spirit of Fire. Hopefully she'll be able to control these powers later on in a more mannered way.

Kotori remains isolated and we find out that she has roughly 2 days before she won't be the Kotori we all know (and love<3). Shidou has to date her, make her fall in love with him, and seal it was a nice smooch in order to seal her powers like he did with Tohka and Yoshino. I doubt it'll be too hard since it's obvious she already loves Shidou but will Shidou be able to do it knowing they are family (not blood-related, but still, that's his freaking sister!)? Things are never that easy anyways. 

When Shidou went to go see how Mana was doing, he ran into Origami,  who was staying in the same hospital, which is where her pure awesomeness took over. She took advantage of the situation by telling Shidou she couldn't walk (even though she walked all the way down there to see him haha) so Shidou ended up carrying her back to her room (kawaii Origami!). Shidou even offered a wheelchair for her but she said she would get motion sickness (which is ironic considering she's flying all the time with her Realizer unit...).

Once in her room, she made him peel apples for her and then forced Shidou to feed it to her (she would of preferred mouth-to-mouth though..) then finished it off sucking every last bit off his fingers in the most erotic way. She wasn't done there though LOL. She told Shidou to take her temperature but unfortunately, they didn't show it but I'll tell you what happened in the light novel: 

To take her temperature, Shidou would have to place it under her armpit which is right by her oppai so knowing Origrami, she takes full advantage of this and places her hand over his and moved it around etc. She said things like, "Go harder" and "Deeper" which was hilarious and Origami was enjoying every last bit of it. 

As Shidou was about to leave, Origami asked Shidou if he remember anything about the Spirit of Fire that appeared the day before. He denied it but asked why she was so interested in it which is where we learn about Origami's past. Her parents were killed by this Spirit right in front of her eyes while she was unable to do anything. This also fit in with Kotori saying she could have killed someone 5 years ago in that fire considering her memories were foggy. Origami stated the sole reason she joined the AST and received her Realizer and training was for the purpose of killing this Spirit and this Spirit, was Kotori! Dun dun duunnnnnnnn!

Judging from the pacing of this show, we'll probably get a little bit more of Kurumi and it'll probably lead off into a possible 2nd season. Origami definitely won points in my book this episode. Still, my top 5 is pretty solid right now. 

Anyways, I'll see you guys next episode!



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