Sunday, June 16, 2013

Date a Live Episode 11 - More Mizugis! Poor Kotori...

Hey guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 11th episode of Date a Live which gives us some more fanservice (especially Kotori) and delves deeper into Kotori's problem.

Shidou has been thinking that the Spirit that killed Origami's parents could have been Kotori. It's not a certain fact, but his and her memories aren't clear which makes him more anxious to find out.

For special training in regards to Kotori's date, Shidou goes mizugi shopping with Tohka and Yoshino and while on the way, they met up with Origami who assures that their meeting was no coincidence. Origami trolls Tohka by telling her that a mizugi actually stands for Military Zapped Ultimate Grind Instrument that Shidou was going to use to destroy her. It was hilarious that Tohka realized it too late. Good job Origami!

This was Origami imitating Shidou's voice
Origami Kawaii<333
Here Origami was trying to get some more info on the Red Spirit that they encountered the other day from Tohka. Sh go to the point where she begged Tohka and made a whole bunch of adorable faces and she even bowed.

Afterwards, this led to all of them having a mizugi contest and whoever can make Shidou's heart pound the most wins a date with him. And they definitely didn't hold back...according to that one guy on the ship, they really upped the hnnnggggg factor hehe.

These 2 gorgeous bishoujos were no match for Yoshino and her "I can't put this one with one hand" even with Origami having Shidou flip her skirt.

The date between Kotori and Shidou didn't feel as smooth as it should have been. But we definitely were provided with tons of Kotori fanservice - especially her in her bikini. I'm telling you guys...this is full of win:

Anyways, the date took place at an aquamarine park with water slides and everything. While on the waters slide, they took a very interesting position and while going down the slide, they ended up falling off and Kotori lost her ribbons and become the soft Kotori which is insanely adorable as well.

It's a shame she says she has to keep the dark ribbons on because without them, she is weak and she can't be weak, especially with the current problem. I really do feel bad for her. Just look how cute and innocent she is but she's troubled by the fact that she will succumb to her Spirit Powers within 2 days.

It turns out that Reine has been providing her with medicine to help suppress her powers. For this date, she took 50x the regular dosage and had to take even more just so she would be able to continue to enjoy her date with Shidou as it is very important to her. Shidou found this out and decided to take this date into his own hands and not listen to the ship's instructions for the date and ditches his communicator.

It then cuts to Origami taking a look at the new weapon the AST's have called White Licorice. Origami also sees a tape from the fire 5 years ago showing clearly who the Spirit is and it's Kotori. We all know what Origami is going to try next...

Some other things from this episode:

1) The "gross" girl makes her appearance again and it just pisses me off. All she says is eww gross.
2) Origami is freaking gorgeous with her hair up!
3) Shidou notices another person in the video when he sees it. Who is this person? Or is it another Spirit?!

Well, that's it for me for this episode. Next episode seems to be the last one concluding this arc. I'm really hoping they do a second season for the rest of the LNs.



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