Saturday, June 01, 2013

Date a Live Episode 9 - Kotori Is a Spirit...?!

Sup guys! Tadashi here and today I'l be talking about the 9th episode of Date a Live which gives us a shocking revelation: Kotori is a spirit! And we also get the showdown between everyone and Kurumi.

The episode starts off with Mana brutally finishing off Kurumi from last time. Shidou can't believe what he sees and he keeps telling Mana to stop doing that. Saying she's used to it doesn't sit well with Shidou as he yells at her. She of course doesn't listen. Shidou calls her jaded which does make a lot of sense.

Tohka again pulled out her awesomeness and cuteness this episode when she finds out what happened to Shidou with Kurumi/Mana. She did her best to try and cheer him up by continuing their date. We're again shown just how cute and relible she can be. This is why she's the best girl<3

They are so cute together<3 
The speech she gave to Shidou really got his head back in the game. She said exactly what Shidou needed to hear so kudos to her. Plus, I'm going through a phase right now where whenever I hear Tohka's VA, their character get's +100 points in my book.

Kurumi makes her attack again but this time on the school. She wants Shidou to take back what he said about saving her so he puts the whole school inside a barrier and threatens everyone with a spacequake. Shidou counters it by attempting to jump off the roof and kill himself (knowing full well he'll be survive because of his regenerative powers) and it worked considering Kurumi only wants Shidou.

Afterwards, Shidou again tries to save Kurumi. In fact, he almost gets through to her...

But just as she was about to reach for his hand, she was gutted right through the stomach by another Kurumi who referred to the above one as 'too young' and easily swayed. This is when get our first real glance at one of Kurumi's abilities which is the ability to be able to summon other Kurumis from other timelines. The one that took her place was the usual sadistic Kurumi.

Kurumi then releases her Angel and it turned out to be the predictable clock where depending on which number it's on gives her a different type of bullet for her gun with each having its own effect. She demonstrated being able to regenerate and some kind of speed/teleportation one.

Mana, who usually kicks Kurumi's ass, was man-handled by her with her Angel out. That's when multiple Kurumi's came out and put Mana, Origami, Tohka, and Shidou in grave danger.

Just when Kurumi was going to cause anther deadly spacequake, Kotori shows up spirit form and shocks everyone. Her Astral Dress was loads better than anyone else's and she just looks incredibly OP.

Kotori is just gorgeous and trust me, next episode will be good but it's also incredibly predictable.

Some things to note:

1. Kotori and Mana ended up meeting each other and they're both pretty much exposed. It also turns out that Mana has been infused with magical energy and only has less than 10 years to live. She also is completely unaware of this. I have a feeling using spirit powers or something will be able to save her.

2. Kurumi is able to cause spacequakes on demand.

3. Tohka is beginning to realize she can call bits of her power if she really wanted to.

4. Origami recognizes Kotori as the spirit who killed her parents years ago. Uh-oh...

Overall, I can't say I'm satisfied with the way this anime is going. There's a lot of things they're leaving out and the pacing is quite fast. But the moe-level is quite high :)

Anyways, that's it for me. See you guys next episode!



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