Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 13 Final - Emi and Maou?! I Wish...

Hey guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 13th and final episode of the oh-so-amazing Hataraku Maou-sama!

The episode itself wasn't anything special as it honestly felt more like a filler or 'middle' episode. There was literally no advancement on the plot and served more as a breather.

Chi-chan starts it off with a nightmare she had concerning Maou. In the nightmare, Maou tells her that he has to go back to Ente Isle no matter what and it breaks her heart but that's when she wakes up and finds out it was all a dream.

Chi-chan definitely liked that part of the dream though :D

Sariel also made another appearance. Apparently, when Maou threw him inside the portal to Ente Isla, he ended up in the freezer of MgRonalds and came out like a psycho falling head over heels over the manager.

Another thing that was finally caught up to Lucifer was his spying gadgets. It's actually a pretty expensive 'hobby' for him to have as it caused Maou and Ashiya to take up another job each. The way they acted before we found out about their jobs was enough to raise suspicion from Emi and Chi-chan so they decided to do a little spying on Maou to find out what he was really up to. I do have to say their outfits were surprisingly really cute and fit them well. Too bad they're not sneaky enough xD

Lucifer also fell for a scam on the internet and ending up buying tons of things they absolutely don't need and it amassed a very expensive total. Maou tried to return it but with the policies they had, the company was able to refuse everything. To top it off, Ashiya's new job was actually at that company but he left it after finding out the trouble it actually caused.

In the end, Maou was able to return the items because of the 'cool-down' policy and he definitely had the last laugh. Also, does the guy look suspicous to you? I kinda feel like he could be hiding something. Could he be someone from the Church or am I reading too much into this?

The credits that rolled by showed Maou and Ashiya ending things by ordering khatsu-dum. During the credits, we also see Chi-chan doing archery? Is she trying to become useful or is it just something she's apart of?


It shows a possibility that we've all been waiting for! Emi gave Maou an umbrella for the rain to make up for the one she threw away. Maou shows his gratitude and Emi answers back with the best "you're welcome" ever!

Emi's greatest smile EVER! <3

Now, this doesn't mean much, but you can definitely see that she's accepted the fact that Maou isn't as bad as she thought he was. Maou did say he never saw anything outside his castle and that his minions were the ones doing everything. Emi smiling was freaking adorable!

Anyways, that is it for Hataraku Maou-sama! It's been an amazing run and I enjoyed every episode. The plot didn't advance too much as we're left with plenty of questions that will hopefully be answered in an inevitable season 2. The one thing I'll never forget about this series are the amount of epic faces that everyone seemed to show. I'm gonna miss Chi-ho and Eimi but I know they'll be back<3

Don't be sad Emi! You'll be back for a S2 where you will fall for Maou!
Visuals: 8/10
Audio: 7/19
Story: 8/10
Characters: 8.5/10 
Enjoyment: 10/10

Overall: 8.3/10

Bai bai Maou-sama! 



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