Monday, June 17, 2013

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Episode 11 - Yukino Going Dere! Sagami is Useless

Hey guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 11th episode of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru which shows us a rather cute and developing side of Yukino and it also shows again how useless Sagami really is as a chairwoman.

Yukino is sick so Hikky and Yui decided to go visit her and see if she's okay. It turns out she doesn't live in a crazy huge mansion and is actually in an apartment (although it's a very nice one at that) and she also isn't in a penthouse or anything.

Yukino still lookes beautiful even when she isn't 100%. Again we're reminded that she is incredibly good looking and that this is another reason why she's the main heroine.

Yui got upset and Yukino and even Hikky. She was upset at Yukino because she was still doing too much of the work by herself when she said she would try not to. She was also upset at Hikky because he had promised to help Yukino out if she got into any kind of trouble or was having problems but he didn't and she ended up getting sick.

Angry Yui (>_<;)
As Hikky and Yui were leaving, Yukino did something completely unexpected but just shows how much she's learning to trust them. Yui told her to rely on no one else but Hikky and her and it seems she took it to heart.

Yukino admitted she wasn't good with these things but she was trying her hardest. She said it will take time for her to change like that but in the end she did say thank you. Hikky left ahead while Yui stayed behind. It's pretty obvious they had some girl talk (most likely about Hikky and how they feel). Hikky ended this scenario with another great monologue:

"Let me show you how to really change the world."
The next day they had a committee meeting in regards to a slogan. That was when Hikky's idea came into play. He basically went and played the villain in order to push the other members to step up their efforts. Most of them simply thought of this as him just being a dickhead but Haruno saw through that and commended him in what he did. He also saw through what she had been doing but she quickly quieted him up right before Yukino came in after overhearing their convo. Maybe she was a tad bit jealous? Ohohoho!

Anyways, this whole episode we're also shown how useless Sagami really is. During meetings and during times where they were 'working' Yukino was the one taking charge doing all the hard work while Sagami just sat there. She knows that she isn't doing a great job and there were a couple shots of her sulking and feeling bad. Even when she had to introduce herself and give a few words she choked so bad on stage (I almost felt bad for her). Next episode we'll probably see more of her feeling stupid (I'm just hoping she doesn't do anything stupid!).

The ending scene with Yui and Hikky sitting at the table was perfect. They shared food, and it even resulted in Hikky asking Yui out on a date (something he realized too late) and it looks like Yui realized what happened as well.


Also some other things from this episode:

2) BL girl is freaking insane and it's always hilarious watching a BL girl when she's given the chance to display it...

3) Sagami must really feel like shit now ahahha.
4) Yukino is really developing. She's slowly opening up more compared to when the series first started. Dere mode activated!

Another fun and interesting episode. But that's it for me guys! See you next episode!



  1. Quite disturbing for you to mention Sagami feeling like shit when the episode ended with her sitting on the toilet.

    1. I totally didn't even mean it like that hahahaha.