Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Review: Hatsune Miku Project Diva F Demo

Reviewed by: Fuuko

Type: Music/Rhythm Game
Platform: PS3

*grinning* ~ (^_^) I might as well get this chance to review this Demo. *cough*

Hi~ mina-san, Fuuko desu~! I’ll be quick reviewing the English Demo version of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F.

In this Demo, we get a taste of the first Vocaloid game being released in the West. Honestly, I've been waiting for this moment after seeing videos of it and I believe some of you were also waiting for this as well. (^_^)

The characters in this demo are:
- Miku (Original, Pansy, Emerald)
- Luka (Original, Ruby)
- Rin (Original, Sakura Moon)
- Len
- Kaito
- Meiko

The songs in this demo are:
- Weekender Girl
- Tengaku
- World’s End Dance Hall

There are Easy and Normal modes for each song in the Demo.
Here are my Scores:


- Weekender Girl (1st time: 60.8; 2nd time: 88.5)
- Tengaku (80.9)
- World’s End Dance Hall (95.2)


- Weekender Girl (65.5)
- Tengaku (77.6)
- World’s End Dance Hall (1st time: 78.0; 2nd time: 80.3)

The gameplay is basically timing your button and directional pressing/stick flicking as the timer rotates. 

Easy mode is just flicking and hitting the O Button while Normal mode adds some of the other buttons and directional buttons.

Depending how close you are, it’s graded as Cool (exact), Good (close enough), Safe (lucky), Bad (almost there), and Awful (not even close). There are also additional Chance and Tech Bonuses.
After all that, a score is based on the total notes you hit, max combo notes hit, your timing, and the Bonuses. That total becomes your grade. Depending on what points you get, the grades are Lousy (< 80), Standard (80-89), Great (90-94), Excellent (95-99), and Perfect (100).

I would say that the video playing in the background while playing to match the rhythm does distract me since I also want to watch it as well [Watching Video is disabled in the demo (_ _; )]. I also noticed that when I was playing Normal mode, the game never responded to the right and up directional button and I had to press the down button and apparently it works but my score still wasn't that great….

My personal score (demo-wise): 8/10 (amazing music, videos, and gameplay but right and up directional buttons never responded in Normal mode; down directional button saved my ass thankfully)

In closing, if you like Rhythm/Music games or new to this type of gameplay, I would recommend that you try it since it’s only a demo. It’s really fun just crappy normal mode…

Anyways, any Vocaloid Fans here?

Also, a full game review will be com’in up once the game is released and I get a copy.
See you all again!

- Fuuko


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