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Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 10 - Mizugi's Everywhere! Good or Bad Angel!?

Sup guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 10th episode of Hataraku Maou-sama! which delivers the much-welcomed fan-service episode without delving into the cliche scenarios in most cases.

This episode started off with Maou getting sent to an amusement park to help out the MgRonalds there. Chi-chan, Emi and Suzuno also decided to go there for a little R&R which means S-W-I-M-S-U-I-T-S<3

We all knew Chi-chan had a huge chest but they really showed us just how huge it is. It barely fit in her own top and Emi took note of this 16-year old girl with the bust of a non-16-year old girl...

The burger reference to their oppai size was just hilarious! These are burgers with a hidden meaning:

Can you guys guess which burgers represent who? (^_^;)

I found Suzuno's swimsuit to be hilarious at first. We knew she was old fashioned but this was totally unexpected for me. Emi and Chi-chan's reactions say it all hahaha.

After the revelation of the swimsuits (don't worry, Suzuno changed into a normal school swimsuit), they ended up walking around the park. They decided to check out a haunted house which at first didn't seem too scary but it had one twist that scared even the straight-faced Suzuno along with the Hero Emi. If I was actually there, I probably would have screamed like a little schoolgirl xD

Then again, I actually really want to go into a haunted house with something like this...just to test my limits... (_ _;)

"Sadou" doing it right
The monkey, Sadou, ended up releasing a bunch of crocodiles into the pool and everyone around was filled with fear and panic. We know that fear is the perfect source for magical energy so it's assumed that Maou, being the Dark Lord he is, would take advantage of this. This is precisely what Suzuno was expecting but we also know that Maou is actually a really good guy on the inside. He used his own magical energy to call the crocodiles and calm them doing which completely baffled Suzuno. Sooner or later she's going to realize that Maou isn't a bad guy but how will she react when she figures this out?

At the very end, we get a very peculiar revelation. We all knew that the SFC manager was suspicious and most of us thought he was a demon but after they got off the train, there he was with angel wings

Does this make him a bad guy? But bad guys don't have angel wings...those are usually good guys. It seems like the roles are almost reversed. It's obvious there is a lot more to him than meets the eye. Will Suzuno be the one to stop him first? We'll probably get to see Maou's badass demon form again fighting alongside both Emi and Suzuno. Hopefully Ashiya and Lucifer help out too. It'll be interesting to see how this works out.

Plenty of funny moments in this episode like the beginning when Ashiya told Lucifer to not waste food or the Vengeful Spirit of Wastefullness will haunt him and he simply replied "Are you like, five?" I burst out laughing. His face was so serious I'm surprised Ashiya didn't give a better reaction (then again he's probably used to this...)

Oh, and here is some of the good stuff:

Anyways, overall the episode is slowly progressing in this sub-plot. I believe that this will be the last arc and everything else will be left for a season two (it's selling pretty well right now so the chances are high). That or we'll end with a cliffhanger haha. The comedy as always is there and top-notch and doesn't seem to get old. Every episode is enjoyable and this fan-service swimsuit episode didn't solely focus on the cliche oppai grabbing or oppai-woops-how-did-my-hand-get-there scenes. Watching Maou turn badass and his BG music kick in was awesome as well.

That's it for me this week! See you guys next episode.

Oh, and I don't like sad Chi-chan </3



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