Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 12 - God Can't Save You From This, Sariel!

Hey guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 12th episode of Hataraku Maou-sama! which concludes the Archangel Sariel's arc.

The episode continues with Maou going to rescue Chi-chan. Emi was taken and hung by Sariel as he tortured her in order to get the Sacred Sword. Of course, it didn't work out but what he did accomplish was angering Emi as he told her that he was going to use Chiho as a research sample.

Maou approached the building where they were held at but had to break a barrier first. The barrier caused Maou to use his magic up and once he broke it, Suzuno flew down from the sky with her hammer...and totally wrecked Dullahan (r.i.p.)

It turns out Maou knew all along who Suzuno was but let her live freely since she wasn't doing any harm. The already conflicted Suzuno became even more conflicted as she slowly began to realize he was a pretty good guy. She still made Maou fight her though.

Oh yeah, did I mention Maou fought in his underwear? Yeah, uniforms are expensive you know!

Kawaii Suzuno can't face Maou is his boxers :3
Maou makes it to the top where he ends up facing Sariel. Thanks to Lucifer and him tricking Orba like a fool (Lucifer's heaven is that apartment room LOL he is absolutely loving his NEET life), Maou was able to regain his powers and then totally wiped the floor with Sariel. Serves him right!

Maou dodges attack...
"Oh shit"

And that concludes the Sariel arc. Glad that's over now. Oh yeah, there was also this adorable Emi x Maou scene in the middle of that...

Could this be...the beginning?! OMG lul Emi why are you so kawaii<3

Suzuno was able to sort herself out and realized that Maou was a genuinely good guy who cares for his subordinates and friends. She realized Sariel was wrong and that his ways weren't the ways of the Church. She finally is on Maou's side huehue. The preview showed her feeding him too? Ohohohohohoh.

Yeah, sorry Chi-chan. Forever friendzoned...
What a fantastic episode concluding this pretty well. It was a shame Ashiya arrived a little too late (that's what you get for going for your cape baka!) and everyone seems happy at the end. Oh yeah, Maou called Emi be more precise, a washboard LOL. YEAH!

Suzuno: "More importantly, Emilia-"
Emi: "What could be more important?!"

Oh Emi taking that insult seriously.

Anyways, see you guys next episode!



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