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Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Episode 9 - The Perfect Yui Episode!

Sup guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 9th episode of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru which gives us a perfect festival date episode with Yui along with some more information about Yukino and her troubles.

Best girl <3

The episode starts off with our adorable Komachi being the caring person she is setting up Yui and Hikky on a little date at the festival. She first tried to set it up nonchalantly but that backfired so she resorted to obvious means where even Hikky figured out what her true intention was.

In the end, Komachi's efforts payed off. We got to see Yui in a beautiful yukata and the amount of cuteness she gave off was almost unbearable. From the train ride all the way to the walk home we're given some excellent Yui in a yukata fanservice. There were even some nice encounters along the way. When Yui fell on Hikky on the train and got all embarrassed I was like d'aweee and to top it off, Hikky gave another monologue where he states if he was a normal boy (one who wasn't a loner like he is) he would have instantly fell head over heels for her. It's a shame he isn't a normal boy.

More Yui pictures at the end!

They both eventually met Yukino's sister Haruno at a VIP spot for the fireworks. She was there representing her father which again shows that their family is pretty high up in regards to the social ladder. Here is where we get some more information about Yukino and her troubles. I'm also beginning to have second thoughts on Haruno. She might not be as bad as a person I thought she was.
I'm not 100% sold, but it's starting to look like Haruno is just the elder sister who cares about her younger sister. She did mention that people get easily jealous of her. Does that apply to her as well?

Haruno tells us that their mom is a scary person who will force them to do things even if they don't like it. She says that Yukino doesn't take it well which implies that her relationship with her mother isn't great. Maybe that's the root of Yukino's troubles - her mother.

"If it were a date, things wouldn't go Yukino-chan's way again, huh?"
This one line said by Haruno tells us that things aren't always in Yukino's favor. Does it have to do with their family matters? Maybe something to do with the heir of the company? It seems Yukino always gets the short end of the stick. Haruno mentions hand-me downs and such as well.

Afterwards, we also find out that Haruno knows about the incident with Hikky and the car. She assures them it wasn't Yukino's fault but it get's Hikky thinking: Why hasn't she mentioned this to me if she knew?

Hikky ended up walking Yui home which was freaking awesome. Glad he decided to because we found out just how much Yui knows about Hikky. She seems to know what he's like and even without the accident they would've probably been the same way  they are now. She also was about to confess but was cockblocked by Yui's mom as she called her right in the middle >_< It's obvious that Hikky knows what she wanted to do. He's not as dense as most MCs and his monologues are generally spot on.

After summer vacation, Hikky meets Yukino for the first time since the camping trip and they exchange their normal talks. Just when it seemed Yukino was going to ask Hikky for something (I have a feeling she was going to ask for help) he interrupted her and then walked away. He was upset at himself - he actually was on the verge of hating himself - for idealizing her as the perfect girl with no troubles when in reality, she's just like everyone else - she lies, she gets hurt, she gets lonely.

I'm still wondering how Hayama fits into her troubles. It'll be interesting to find out with the coming episodes since I'm super curious. And how bad is her relationship with her mom? Will Hikky be able to help?

Now for some Yui<3 pictures :)


Anyways, that's it for me this episode. See you guys next week!



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