Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fairy Tail Back for April 2014!

Fairy Tail creator announced it shall return for April 2014!

I for one, am super duper excited for this. I know a lot of people find Fairy Tail to be mediocre, but it's actually one of my favorite shows.

It seems the cast will be the same (many were speculating Aya Hirano wouldn't return because of recent [or not so recent] scandals, but thankfully she is). The only change would be some of the staff, and it looks like they're also receiving a bigger budget.

For you Fairy Tail fans, what do you think? Everything is supposed to look loads better than before, so I honestly can't wait.



  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy <33333333
    Finallyyyyyy, still have to wait a while but it's worth it

    1. It'll definitely be worth the wait! I'm soooo excited! :D