Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Little Busters!: Refrain Episode 10 - Kyousuke's Plan

Kyousuke's plan has come to full circle, and it wasn't a failure like he thought it was. Now that Riki has taken the much needed step forward, how will it affect the outcome?

Little Busters!: Refrain Episode 10 

Mio :(
Shared your fate?! ARE THEY DEAD?!
You caused his narcolepsy 
Leave this world?
But you can't </3
Gas = explosion



What an amazing episode. Kyousuke revealed a lot of information regarding the Secret of the World and his own motives. Although the entire secret hasn't been divulged, the viewers now know that the world there isn't real as it was created by Kyousuke as a sort of "training" world in order to strengthen Riki and Rin. Why? Because something terrible happened, which would be the bus crash, presumably leaving all the characters either dead or on death's door - everyone except Kyousuke, Rin, and Riki at this point. Riki's narcolepsy is also something Kyousuke triggered whenever he headed towards a "bad end". He was constantly rewinding time.

The growth between Riki and Rin is something that surprised Kyousuke. He deemed his plan to force them to grow up a failure, while deep down they had the strength necessary already within them. He had taken the role of the leader, and gathered Kengo and Masato to reform the Little Busters. Their last stop was getting Kyousuke to join. It was his turn to save Kyousuke.

Kyousuke was portrayed as sort of the bad guy. He was forcing things, and even if no one else approved, he still carried on. Of course, it's not like it didn't hurt him at all. He says things like he would punch himself in the face for what he's doing. It was supposed to be for the good of everyone - sending Rin off was supposed to test her strength but it backfired leaving Riki and Rin in despair. He wanted desperately to help Riki as he took on this new role, but refrained from doing so. He wanted Riki to ask him to for help, and if he did he would agree and lead them on their way in a heartbeat but he just couldn't. He HAD to prepare Riki and Rin for whatever trouble lay ahead that he kept talking about. That was why Kyousuke did what he had to do.

Now, what happened to everyone else? Everyone seemingly knew about the plan, but went along with it while also having some of their own problems solved along the way. Each character actually helped with Riki and Rin's growth as they went through their problems. Kyousuke mentioned his grasp on the world was weakening - is this why the girls couldn't stay any longer? But why is Komari still there? And Kengo and Masato?

What about the real world? Is everyone actually dead? Kyousuke is seen desperately trying to find the bus and cover up the gas leak so that it wouldn't explode thus giving Riki and Rin one more chance to do whatever they have to do but no one else is in sight.

As almost everything comes full circle, it really makes you excited for what is going to be revealed next episode. It is dubbed "The End of the World". Is it the end of this fake world? Or is it hinting at something in the real world?

Also, I swear every insert song played throughout this episode xD But it was still beautiful and really added on to the feels. THE FEELS!



  1. Didn't they say that Riki had narcolepsy since childhood. If he never had that illness, then it wouldn't make sense. IF RIKI NEVER HAD narcolepsy before the world was created, then did Kyousuke fabricate the childhood memories and messed with everyone's heads? I really doubt that's the case.

    I'm very sure he had narcolepsy since childhood. Riki explicitly said that over and over since season 1. It's probably just that whenever he experiences sadness or stress to the point of breaking down, then that could be interpreted as one of the symptoms of causing a narcoleptic attack.

    Think about why Kyousuke resets the world after each narcoleptic attack. When you fall asleep, and wake up the next day, you think it might've been all just a dream. Remember all those times when Riki spoke about that scary feeling he can't grasp that's buried deep within his memories? It's likely Kyousuke just took advantage of the illness.

  2. My mistake (a bad one too since I'm a visual novel reader myself lul). Riki's narcolepsy was something that he always had since his parents died. Kyousuke didn't cause Riki's narcolepsy, but in fact took advantage of whenever he had an attack.

  3. Yui Horie really is great, as with this adaptation.
    Even better is the new trailer for Neptunia 2 with her as Nepgear.

  4. @Anon

    Personally, I don't like her voicing Riki. I know she's trying her best, and in fact it isn't bad at all, but I can almost always hear a girl talking and it just doesn't fit right. Sure I'm used to it now, but it still bugs me haha. But I do love most of her other roles! One of my favorite VAs in the industry,